The Birth of Something Beautiful

The Birth of Something Beautiful

San Bernardino, Calif -Five years ago a group of young high school and college students inspired by their faith came together to serve the inner city community within San Bernardino the second largest poorest county in America.They began by feeding people at local parks and mentoring domestically abused women,homeless families and ex incarcerated individuals.

During their service they formed a 501(c)3 non profit called Sahaba Initiative established to provide direct services to those in need. They sought inspiration in the words of their prophet “the most beloved deed to God is the most regular and constant even though it were little”. As a result of these words they set out to establish excellence and professionalism in service

The core members and volunteers utilized their multiple talents in technology,community organizing and outreach to attempt at establishing a presence in the community.

Through their efforts they are now able provides direct services at their center which currently hosts a food pantry,community garden and a resource center.

They hope to expand to a larger center towards the end of the year and provide counseling and mental health services at their facility.And establish regular services to the community and also provide jobs through business ventures that will seek to serve the community such as cafes or supermarkets..