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Once an emerging service, prepaid communications is now considered a mature offering.  However, it has evolved beyond communications to include content, applications and commerce.  From a mobile commerce perspective, mobile shopping is evolving as well with merchants increasingly recognizing the need to capture the attention of consumers on-the-go, drive purchase decisions, build brand loyalty, and support ongoing customer/business relationships.

The use of stored value and subsidization is one technique in the toolkit to encourage in-store shopping and purchasing to combat the so-called “showrooming” phenomenon.

This report evaluates technologies for prepaid content/commerce, stored value, and related areas.  The report also analyzes third-party subsidization models and other methods to drive more shopping and actual buying at the point-of-sale.

Report Audience

  • Mobile Cellular Carriers
  • Wireless Device Manufacturers
  • Wireless Infrastructure Providers
  • Commerce, Content and Application Providers

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Spanning over 80 pages, Future of Mobile Commerce: Prepaid + Stored Value + Third-party Pays = Huge Opportunities for Carriers, Merchants, and Telecom Vendors” report provides Prepaid Telecommunications Today, The Next Big Wave for Wireless Prepay: Data and Content Services, Introduction to Stored Value, Prepay and Stored Value Technology, Opportunities and Markets for Stored Value, Critical Elements for Success in Store Value Services, Opportunities and Industry Impact of Stored Value, Summary and Conclusions.

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