Houston, TX (April 7, 2014) – With tax season right around the corner the Texas based tax resolution company, Integrity Tax Relief, is helping individuals avoid tax debt with exclusive resources and discounts for new and existing customers. The company offers a wide array of services beneficial for your everyday taxpayer to business owners to utilize. While ITR is a full service tax firm they specialize in the following; Wage Garnishment Release, Bank Levy Release, Payroll Taxes, IRS Payment Plans, Lien Subordination, Unfiled Returns, and Penalty & Interest Abatement.


As part of the launch of their Customer Appreciation Promotion, Integrity Tax Relief will be offering exclusive discounts to loyal customers with the services provided; 10% Off IRS Representation, $25 Off Tax Preparation Services, $25 Referral Reward and a promotional monthly raffle for a brand new Kindle HD Tablet which will begin in January 15th and run until April 15th 2014 .


With customers in over 30 states, ITR prides itself on its mission to not only provide superior customer service but integrity, efficiency, and commitment. Said ITR President, Samuel Hamilton stated, “Integrity is the core of our business model. While many of us think about integrity as honesty, we also understand that wholeness is a key component to our business model. This wholeness is in relation to our customers, staff, vendors as well as owners among others.”


About Integrity Tax Relief

Integrity Tax Relief is a full service Tax Firm that provides expert IRS Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers, Administrative Assistants, and Consultants. The company offers several services including penalty and interest abatement, wage garnishment release, payment plans, uncollectible status, payroll taxes (940/ 941), bank levy release, state tax and unfiled returns to name of a few. The tax professionals in Integrity Tax Relief help place the tax debtor on a payment program, prevent property seizures, stop wage garnishment and also negotiate the debt to a fraction of what is owed.  Integrity Tax Relief prides itself on providing the highest quality of professional tax representation that results in a positive value proposition and peace of mind. For more information on ITR Please visit



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