Phyliss Joubert and The Glory Gospel Singers Launch Concert Tour Series in France


Phyliss Joubert and The Glory Gospel Singers Launch Concert Tour Series in France

The 2015-2016 International Concert Series to Cover France, Rome, Germany, and Japan 

New York, N.Y. -- The Glory Gospel Singers; a New York-based aggregation of professional vocalists and musicians kick off a 2015 international tour season in France. Under the direction of Phyliss McKoy Joubert, an award-winning Mezzo Soprano, Composer and Director; the group will perform an extensive repertoire of gospel, classical and soul music genres. The 45-city itinerary marks the ensemble's 16th performance tour in France.  "We are so delighted to return to the beautiful country of France.  Our hope is that each song echoes in the hearts of all who hear them as we travel throughout the country", says Joubert.  

The soul-stirring ensemble will present several distinct numbers including an assortment of Joubert’s original arrangements such as “William Tell Overture”, "Flight of The Bumblebee", and "Kumbaya" along with other choice gospel, classical and soul pieces.   Joubert’s inspirational fusion of these music textures are highly sought after and noteworthy.  Her library of innovative music design spans over 40 years of artistry that began with a strong gospel foundation laced with classical training.  Her notable contributions include an enchanting Japanese Anime album "Tenshi Ni Anime Song Wo" (Anime Songs for the Angels); also featured in world-renowned Studio Ghibli films such as "Ponyo," "Castle in the Sky,” and "Spirited Away”.  Her exclusive arrangement of “Amazing Grace” is licensed to educational institutions throughout Germany and her hit song "Stand On The Word" is a celebrated global anthem. 

Following France, the tour will continue to Rome, Germany and Japan with multiple ensembles including select dates accompanied by the group's music brand partner The Joubert Singers.  From foot-stomping churches and glorious cathedrals to amphitheaters and illustrious concert halls; Phyliss Joubert and The Glory Gospel Singers are an inspiration for today’s international music landscape. 

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