Strength Trainer and Boxing Coach Derek Breakenridge Featured On Reuters Webiste

London, England – April 28, 2014 – A feature story about “Boxing Coach Derek” Breakenridge, a certified boxing coach, strength trainer and fitness writer, was recently seen on as well as other major online publications such as The Boston Globe, MarketWatch, New York Business Journal, Yahoo!Finance and the Los Angeles Daily News, among many others. 

At the 2012 London Olympics, Britain’s boxers, led by gold medalists Nicola Adams, Luke Campbell and Anthony Joshua, won a total of five medals, the country’s best showing in the sport ever - resulting in a massive 44.5% increase from UK Sport’s 2016 Olympic’s funding program to 13.8m pounds, or over $22.5 million.

Boxing, always one of the most participated in sports around the world, has never been more popular in the UK – an exciting reality that has only increased the need for dedicated trainers like Derek Breakenridge who, in addition to having a thriving private clientele, is honored to be head coach to a team of boxers in one of the world’s most respected gyms in East London. He also volunteers a minimum of 150 hours each year mentoring local boxers.

Derek’s hard-hitting, no nonsense eBook “Coach Derek’s The Boxing Manifesto” was motivated by three key factors: 1) Fighting to make the world a better place; 2) The boxer’s code to training success; and 3) 20 Lessons from the gym that could probably, just about, sort anyone’s life right out. Breakenridge addresses the success of the 2012 UK Olympic boxing team, saying it was no accident, and makes a powerful declaration: “Talent is overrated and it’s definitely not something you’re born with. It’s created by intense, dedicated lengthy work.” He claims the nation’s success in boxing and other sports came down to three simple factors: 1) Planning; 2) Investment; 3) Belief.

All of this is prelude to “The Manifesto,” a 20 Point Plan that expounds upon pointed but sometimes quirky chapter titles like “Plan, Don’t Dream,” “There Are No Excuses,” “Commit Fully,” “Learn to Cook,” “Train From The Heart and With Enthusiasm,” “Learn To Dance” and “Get A Great Coach.”

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