JSB Market Research - European Business Travelers' Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015

This highlights the key drivers and barriers influencing customer opinions and purchasing patterns, and identifies preferred product categories, frequently used payment modes, and business optimization activities adopted by airport retailers.

Key Findings
- The average time spent per visit by European travelers' at duty-free airport retail outlets is '22 minutes'.
- On average in the last six months, European business travelers visited 'duty-free' airport retail outlets at least five times.
- Overall, 90% and 76% of passengers identify 'tobacco' and 'personal care' products respectively as the leading 'pre-planned' purchases.
- European respondents selected 'perfumes and cosmetics' as an important product category that occupies maximum airport retail space

This report examines European business travelers' opinion about the current trends in airport retailing and their retrospective effect on the marketing activities and business expansion plans adopted by the retailers. Furthermore, it analyses preferred business travel destinations, shopping frequency, purchasing patterns, and average expenditure. In addition, the report examines time spent, brand preferences, as well as browsing frequency patterns of European business travelers.

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Table of Content:-

- Business Travelers' Air Travel Destinations
- Business Travelers' Average Time Spent at Airport Retail Outlets
- Business Travelers' Average Shopping Frequency at Airport Retail Stores
- Business Travelers' Percentage Volume of Shopping at Airport Retail Stores
- Business Travelers' Purchasing Pattern at Airport Retail Stores
- Business Travelers' Average Expenditure at Airport Outlets
- Business Travelers' Expenditure on Product Categories
- Business Travelers' Planned Change in Shopping Expenditure at Airport Retail Stores
- Business Travelers' Purchases at Airport Retail Stores: Impulsive vs. Pre-planned

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