Alchemy Unveils Arktos Trail Bike

Alchemy Arktos: the culmination of Alchemy’s partnership with suspension expert Dave Earle. At the heart of the Arktos is Earle’s Sine Suspension™. Named for its unique shock ratio curve, Sine’s shock rate changes from regressive to progressive prior to switching back to a regressive rate at the end of its travel. This provides the Arktos with a truly bottomless feel, especially compared to the ramp up common on other air shock platforms.

The Sine Suspension design is a hybrid of dual-pivot short link suspensions, a design that accentuates Earle’s experience and knowledge in the suspension world. The shock rate of the Sine Suspension peaks at the sag point —30% into the travel — which in turn provides an exceptionally stable pedaling platform. When the trail points down, the progressive rate is lively and playful, but thanks Sine’s regressive shock rate in the bottom 15% of travel, a Sine bike such as the Arktos won’t ramp up at the end of travel.

“People in the off-road cycling world, don’t often think about regressive suspension, and when they do — they think of it being too soft,” states Earle. “On a mountain bike, using regressive suspension in the negative travel gives the bike a much softer feel and incredible traction over small bumps, where other bikes would just skip across them. For example, the off-road car racing Baja trucks have something like four feet of negative travel.”

“When the air shock is ramping up at the end of its travel, the regressive shock rate comes back into play,” continues Earle, “The sine change from positive to negative and back to positive is what separates Sine from conventional dual-pivot suspension.” 

Arktos’ carbon front triangle is made in-house in Denver, Colorado while the carbon rear triangle is co-designed by Alchemy and Earle, who will manage the production exclusively for Alchemy. The Artkos will be hand-painted at the Ethic Paint Works studio in Alchemy’s Denver headquarters. 

·             27.5” wheels

·             6” / 150mm Sine Suspension

·             $3,750 — frame, shock

·             Two stock colors (custom paint option available)

·             Boost 148 rear hub spacing

·             Four stock sizes — S-XL

·             Available Q1, 2016

With the Arktos being available this spring, Alchemy is taking pre-season orders now. There will be a limited number of samples available to media. For test requests, please contact Logan VonBokel. For sales inquires, please reach out to Alchemy’s Cody Baker.


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