The air ventilation is one of the most important things in absolutely every kind of buildings. Without the proper ventilation there are just too many risks both for the owner and for the property. After all, the lack of air ventilation leads to condensation, the condensation leads to mould, and the mould could lead to respiratory problems and serious damage to the property itself. So, we can conclude that the good ventilation is a very important issue. But how to choose the right kind of air ducts for your house? After all, today we have so many options, that we could look at them for hours and wonder which one would be best for us. Well, fortunately, we were able to distinguish four general types of air ducts, which are used practically everywhere. So, check them out and decide which one would be the best one for you.

Sheet metal air ducts. Most of the air ducts nowadays are made either from aluminium or galvanised steel. They are perfect for air ducts, because it's a strong material, which can't be influenced by time easily. There is a bigger range of options when it comes to the shapes – they can be rectangular, round, triangular or even in the form of a spiral. The shape actually doesn't matter, what matters is the material. The sheet metal air ducts are the most durable ones you can find on the market, and they are definitely the best option for every kind of buildings. The surface of these ducts doesn't have any pores, so it makes it impossible for mould to grow on it. Which makes the risks of catching an air borne disease caused by fungus a lot smaller.

Fibreboard air ducts. The fibreboard air ducts are the cheapest and most practical option for air ventilation nowadays. This type of air ducts is made from small compressed glass fibres, which once put together form boards, used to build air ducts. These boards are wrapped with foil, which plays the role of an air and water barrier. The entire interior part of the fibreboard air ducts is completely sealed to prevent the option of glass fibres to enter the air stream. This type of air ducts is also very useful for your energy efficiency level, because it acts as an insulation too.

Fibreglass lined air ducts. The fibreglass lined air ducts are actually sheet metal air ducts, with the only difference, that the ducts themselves are lined with an internal and external layer of fibreglass. This is done, so the air ducts may be insulated and protected from cold in humidity. This type of air ducts is perfect for properties where the supply air is just too cold, or the humidity is a serious problem. The only potential issue may e that these ducts have pores and they will gather some dust and particles after some time, so you'll have to clean them on a regular basis. But don't worry, today it's very easy to find a company which offers reliable duct maintenance in Sydney.

Flexible air ducts. This last type of ducts is quite cheap and easy to install. It's made from a spring steel wire helix, which is being encapsulated in two plies of polymer plastic. They don't weight much and they are very flexible, which makes them perfect for many situations.