Midwest Dog Club relies on Olewo Carrots & Beets for their dogs' health and to endure physical demands of competitive dog sports

Kingston, IL — August 26, 2014 Throughout the country, reputable dog breeders and dog club members rely on Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets dog food supplements to provide the natural nutrients puppies and dogs need, not only for optimal well being, but also to endure the physical demands of competitive dog sports.

Kingston, Illinois is home of the Lakeshore Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club (LSGSMDC), a nonprofit organization with American Kennel Club (AKC) license status that also is recognized by the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America (GSMDCA). Founded in 1999, the local specialty breed club has more than 100 members from Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin, all who are owners of one or more “Swissies.”

The club regularly hosts sanctioned matches, dog shows, obedience trials and other events and gatherings in an effort to promote this special breed and foster a sense of community among its members.

As a member of both LSGSMDC and GSMDCA, Cathy Scott is the proud companion of four Swissies, one Great Dane and one Boston Terrier. She knows all too well that loose stool is a common trait in the Swissy breed, and, for years, she has relied on Olewo Carrots to resolve the dog diarrhea. “I used to add pumpkin to my dogs’ food to firm up their stool, but then I found Olewo Carrots,” Scott says. “Nothing works like Olewo; it stops loose stool in its tracks.”

Scott, whose dog, Bosco, was named the 2010 National Greater Swiss Mountain Dog champion, also has seen a difference in her dogs’ coats since she began adding Olewo Carrots to their daily meals. “All of my dogs have beautiful coats,” she says. “I know that the carrots have made that possible. 

Scott’s involvement with LSGSMDC has given her an opportunity to talk to both Swissy breeders and owners about the benefits of Olewo Carrots. “If breeders don’t tell potential puppy owners about the loose stool that Swissies inherently have, they often spend hundreds of dollars at the vet’s office trying to find a cure, and the puppies are put through all kinds of unnecessary testing,” Scott says. “When we host our puppy pick-up parties, where we teach people about the breed, every new owner goes home with Olewo samples and information.”

Fellow club member Amy Ruppert has belonged to LSGSMDC for seven years and currently serves on the board. She has four Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs of her own. Nola, her three-year-old Swissy, already has earned several impressive competition titles. In 2011, she won the “Best of Opposite” Sweepstakes for puppies up to 18 months of age, and in 2012, she competed against top dogs of her breed in the country and won “Best of Opposite” for the National Specialty Show. (The Best of Opposite title is awarded to the dog that is the opposite sex of the dog that wins the “Best of Breed” title.)

Unlike Scott, who initially used Olewo Carrots to treat her dogs’ loose stool, Ruppert uses both the Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets exclusively for their nutritional value. “I chose Olewo products proactively instead of reactively,” Ruppert says.

Prior to using Olewo pet food supplements, Ruppert used to mix canned pumpkin and green beans with her dogs’ kibble to add both bulk and extra nutrients.  After a shortage that made it impossible to find canned pumpkin several years ago, Scott introduced Ruppert to Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets. “I was searching for a complete supplement instead of putting garbage in my dogs’ food, and Cathy recommended Olewo,” Ruppert explains.

“My whole initiative is to keep my dogs at their optimal weight, while providing a natural pet food supplement that offers complete nutrition,” Ruppert continues. “I started reading and learning more about Olewo’s all-natural products, and loved the fact that Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets are whole foods, not a pill, and that they would provide bulk for my dogs.”

Ruppert now feeds her dogs Olewo Red Beets with their morning meal and Olewo Carrots in the evening, and she is very pleased with the results she has seen. “What I have noticed is that all of my dogs have consistent, excellent health,” Ruppert says. “Their rust colors have a rich copper sheen, and their coats shine every day, thanks to Olewo!”

Even Ruppert’s veterinarian has noticed a difference. “The last time I brought my dogs in for their annual exam, my veterinarian asked me what my secret was to keeping them so healthy,” Ruppert continues. “That’s when I pulled my Olewo samples out of my purse!”

Ruppert particularly enjoys the convenience of Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets. “We constantly are on the go in our RV and always bring our dogs camping and hiking with us,” she explains. “The products we feed our dogs need to transport easily and be simple to prepare. “With Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets, I can just add water and boom; their food is ready to serve,” Ruppert continues. “It’s is completely worry free, and my dogs love them, too!”


Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets dog food supplements are made from super nutritious, premium, non-GMO vegetables cultivated and produced in Germany.  The all natural supplements are 1-ingredient products, without additives, and are preserved naturally through dehydration. Olewo supplements have been trusted and proven for over 35 years to effectively fill nutritional gaps in a dog's diet to promote overall health and remedy a range of common canine health issues, naturally.

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Olewo Carrots Dog Food Supplement

  • Quickly eliminates dog diarrhea and stomach upsets
  • Helps maintain healthy digestion and provides natural deworming
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat and helps relieve dry and itchy dog skin
  • Enhances coat color and improves markings and pigmentation
  • Strengthens the immune system and promotes vitality
  • Daily whole food vitamin supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs

Olewo Red Beets Dog Food Supplement

  • Helps relieve skin allergies and itchiness in dogs
  • Provides natural detoxification and anti-inflammatory support
  • Boosts metabolism and helps control weight
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support to help prevent illness and disease
  • Daily whole food vitamin supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs


In the 1970’s, during an era when natural foods and supplements for pets were not common, a pharmacist in Germany discovered the nutritional advantages and healing powers of carrots while doing research to help cure children who were becoming ill and dying during an epidemic of diarrhea in German orphanages.  The children were given carrot soup, which resolved the diarrhea and made them well again.

Around the same time, a Doberman breeder in Germany experienced the same problem with his dogs becoming ill and dying from severe diarrhea.  The breeder sought help from the same pharmacist, who after continued research found that carrots would also be the cure for dog diarrhea, but that the carrots would have to be shredded and dehydrated to be effective in dogs. A local vegetable farmer then produced the first dehydrated carrot chips, which were given to the dogs. The carrot chips resolved the diarrhea and quickly made the dogs well again.

Foregoing a new direction toward natural nutrition in the pet food industry, Karl-Heinz OLEschkewitz in WOltersdorf, Germany, continued to produce dehydrated carrot chips for dogs, which is how OLEWO was founded.


Ina Schielke, founder of Olewo USA, and exclusive distributor of Olewo products in the US and Canada, strongly believes that despite increased focus on pet health in recent years, many dogs are not getting optimal nutrient levels, especially when fed commercial foods. Dogs eating commercial food can be compared to humans eating fast food, there simply isn’t enough nutrition in processed foods to thrive and prevent disease. While better ingredients go into the making of holistic dog foods, we can’t ignore the fact that most of these premium foods are processed with high heat, just like the other brands with lower quality ingredients.  As a result, most of the natural nutrients in the premium ingredients are lost during the heat processing, and synthetic vitamins and minerals are added back in at the end, which are by far not as effective as vitamins and minerals from a natural source.  With more than a decade of experience in the pet industry, and having owned and operated a small specialty pet store, Petropolis, in downtown Sarasota, FL, I find it overwhelming how many new products for pet health are being introduced each year.  While consumers tend to always hunt for the newest products on the market that promise to help their dogs stay healthy, or provide a solution to common canine health issues, they need to realize that new products are not proven and have no track record.  After discovering Olewo pet food supplements many years ago, which quickly resolved ongoing health issues with our own dogs, I experienced firsthand that “new” doesn’t always mean “better”. Olewo products were developed more than 35 years ago, longer than most pet product companies have been in business. The all natural pet food supplements are made from super nutritious, premium, non-GMO vegetables cultivated and produced in Germany, and have been proven to effectively fill nutritional gaps in pet food to promote overall health and remedy a range of common health issues in pets.  I also learned that the best way to improve our dogs’ health is by staying as close to nature as possible.  After promoting Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets at Petropolis, the supplements quickly became the best selling products in the store. When I was offered to take over the US distribution of Olewo products, which was handled by a Georgia company 12 years prior, I decided to pursue the new venture and founded Olewo USA in August 2010.  I was excited about the opportunity to help improve the quality of pets’ lives on a much larger scale.   

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