Digital Cherry Offers Professional Video Production Packages

Digital Cherry, a leading full-service digital agency in the UK, streamlines its services with professional video production packages. Through this, customers can revolutionise their marketing campaigns and expect better results and returns.

[BIRMINGHAM, July 11. 2014] – Digital Cherry, one of the UK’s top full-service digital agencies, takes its services one notch higher. The company has improved its professional video production packages, opening many possibilities for its customers to reach a wider audience base and tap a new marketing channel.

Comprehensive approach to video production

The UK’s number one digital agency takes a comprehensive approach when it comes to video production. After all, it is the aim of online video to complement any SEO and PPC campaign for better online presence.

Its creative cinematographers and editors do not just edit video clips unsystematically; instead, they go through all the stages of production and practise the latest techniques in the craft. Digital Cherry begins its production with research meetings, brainstorming discussions, and script writing sessions.

After that, the company uses its state-of-the-art video production equipment – from cameras to computers – to film the approved script. The company has enough people to create the most appropriate set design, complete with lighting and props.

The editing process follows, wherein Digital Cherry inserts the right production music, graphics, animations, special effects and stock footage for the final cut.

The company also makes it easier for the client to distribute the produced video. Digital Cherry compresses the files in one straight-play DVD, creates interactive media and readies the file for computer, mobile and Internet consumption.

Professional, value-for-money package offers

Digital Cherry offers three packages for their video services.

The most basic one, the Silver Package, covers a customised idea for the client, one shoot day, simple text graphics, and basic editing. Next is the Gold Package, which includes up to two shoot days, advanced video editing, a copy of the script, and intermediate computer graphics. The last one, the Platinum Package, is the ultimate video production solution, as it consists of two to four shoot days, advanced graphics and editing, and the provision of scripts and storyboards.

All packages use 1080p HD as its filming standard.

As the company customises every project according to client preferences, Digital Cherry does not have fixed rates for their packages. Nonetheless, the agency keeps its lines open for quote requests and for other enquiries about this service.

About Digital Cherry

Digital Cherry is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the UK. It provides comprehensive services concerning anything digital, such as web design, SEO, PPC, email marketing, video and graphic design. The company has gained an excellent reputation for being professional at what it does.

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