Difference Between Green Tea And Organic Green Tea

Today, you can find a stunning array of green tea powders in market. Selecting the best one from store may not be an easy task for many people. What is the difference between green tea and organic green tea? This is a common question heard from the face of people. 

Generally, an organic green tea is the one which grown without adding harmful chemicals and preservatives. Presence of harsh chemicals in the leaves of plants can cause many health issues. You can minimize this health risk by choosing the right type of leaves. Organic green tea ensures the best health result devoid of side effects. 

If you are planning to buy a green tea packet from store, make sure to check the label of organic. It ensures complete safety on all users. Hence drinking an organic green tea is an apt choice for all who wish to rejuvenate their body naturally. For the best health result, try to choose green tea from a renowned brand. How is green tea powder prepared? This question is quite common among new users of green tea. 

Usually, powders of green tea are prepared by steaming the leaves of plant. When searched, you can find different types of green teas from store. Some green teas may be green in color, whereas some others might be dark brown in color. Brown color of tea powder is generally caused due to factors like air pollution, exposure to chemicals and oxidation. Hence price rate of green tea is not fixed.

Price rate of green powder generally varies from one tea powder packet to another. Quality is one among the main factors which determines the price of tea packet. When compared to green tea powder, organic type green tea powder beholds a higher value in price. At present, you can easily get organic type green tea powders from online stores. To ensure complete safety, do not hesitate to select a reliable site with maximum positive feedback. 

What is the benefit of drinking green tea? Let’s see here what makes it so special to health experts. Generally, green tea powder is found to be as a potent source of EGCGs, a catechin renowned for antioxidants. It fights against free radicals and prevents health issues related to aging. At times, green tea powder bought from market may contain certain level of lead. These packets containing powdered form of green tea may not be safe to drink. You can prevent this case by choosing product from a trustworthy company.

There are several advantages of using green tea. Main health benefits of including green tea are lowering the risk of heart diseases, stroke and glaucoma. As per research, daily drinking of green tea is found to be very effective for lowering the level of LDL cholesterol level in body. If you own health risks like obesity due to high LDL cholesterol level, feel free to include green tea in daily diet. Chamomile, lavender and tulsi are some of the best available flavors of green tea.

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