Siborg Systems Inc. Launches Online Archive for Popular Handheld LCR-Meters

After being available for 10 years, Smart Tweezers has evolved through many different models. Siborg Systems Inc. has launched the Smart Tweezers Archive. This archive shows different parts of each model of Smart Tweezers, as well as manuals, comparison charts and news about the releases of models. The archive will help customers to determine their model of Smart Tweezers if they need to re-order replacement parts from Smart Tweezers online catalogue.

Smart Tweezers were designed as a simple solution for testing and troubleshooting Surface Mount Technology, and the unique design made evaluating the small components easier. Without the need for setting-up or using two hands to probe the component, Smart Tweezers instead combined a set of tweezers with a powerful LCR-meter that is easily held and operated with just one hand. When in contact with a component, Smart Tweezers automatically determine the type of component and best measurement signal, and measure or Inductance, Resistance, or Capacitance, as well as secondary values such as the ESR. The measurement values, the type of component, and test mode are then shown instantly on the bright OLED display.

The first model of Smart Tweezers was a hand-carved wood body with a pair of hand-carved tweezers, this model was never released, but instead was the jumping off point for the ST-1, which featured a plastic body and gold plated tweezers. Replaceable tweezer tips, inductance charging, li-ion batteries and a new updated look were some of the changes Smart Tweezers went through. Today, Smart Tweezers ST-5S and LCR-Reader are the most current models. The ST-5S is the same as the previous ST-5 model, but with an updated look, bright display and 1 oz. weight, while still offering a 0.2% basic accuracy and many features. The LCR-Reader, released in 2013 is the consumer’s choice LCR-meter. This model offers non-professionals a lower priced device of around $200, with a few less features and a basic accuracy of 1%. This was also the first model to debut the new slimmer look and lighter weight.

Smart Tweezers have become a world renowned device for their simplicity and easy-to-use design, and are currently being used by many major high-tech companies, and hobbyists alike. Visit the Smart Tweezers Archive and the Smart Tweezers Blog for all the latest news about Smart Tweezers and the LCR-Reader.

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