Teaching the Writing Brain - Free Webcast on April 21 for Writing X Tech Week

What: Webcast on Teaching the Writing Brain
Who: Virginia Berninger, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Washington and Todd Richards, Professor of Radiology, University of Washington
When: Thursday, April 21st 2016, 10:00 a.m. PST
Where: Register at

Description: What’s going on in our heads as we write? The act of writing, from a neurological perspective, is a rich and complex series of processes. Join Virginia Berninger and Todd Richards for a session on how neurology and psychology can have a practical, and significant, impact on how we prepare students for writing, teach writing in the classroom, and work with students with exceptional needs.

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About Writing X Tech:

Turnitin Writing X Tech ( #writingxtech ) offers nine webcasts during the week of April 18 to 22. Theme for this year's series is The Writing Mindset and how thinking differently about writing can engage students and set them up for success. Webcasts are offered for educators in higher ed and K-12. Teachers may also find sessions suitable for students to participate. Turnitin hosts Writing X Tech each year to bring compelling, thought-provoking topics into the discourse about writing instruction. Speakers come from diverse backgrounds and often express refreshing and new ideas that teachers in K-12 and academic instructors may not have considered before. These sessions and previous years are archived at

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