Cervical Cancer Drug Market & Pipeline Insight

Cervical Cancer Drug Market & Pipeline Insight is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Cervical cancer is the third and fourth most common cause of cancer incidence and mortality among women across the world. Though there has been a decline in cervical cancer mortality rates in the previous few years, owing to early detection and intervention, challenges like over-diagnosis and over-treatment of the disease continue to remain. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), more than half a million new cases are diagnosed annually and there are close to 275,000 deaths every year. Thus, cervical cancer continues to be a major public health problem among the other cancers.

Significant amount of research is being undertaken to study the process of HPV infection causing precancerous changes in normal cells, which eventually leads to cervical cancer. Also, methods to prevent and manage this situation are also being analyzed. A majority of these studies were previously focusing on cervical cells in women. But in recent years, the realm of research has been extended to other tissues also in which HPV may cause cancer, such as the oropharynx and anus. Once the results of these research activities are proved, there would be a major shift in the methods of treating this disease in the future.
Since there are no therapeutic vaccines available at present which have proved their efficiency in the clinical trials, there is still a lot of work which is required in this field, thus opening a large window of opportunities. The current therapeutic vaccines have shown some systematic cellular immunity by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. This has led the clinical trials to show cellular immune response to the vaccines. However, mucosal immunity at cervical mucosa is required and the pharma companies are currently focusing on this aspect. With the development of vaccines addressing this issue, there would be a significant reduction in the incidence rates of HPV across the globe. 
Efforts are being made by the stakeholders to invest larger quantities of time and resources in obtaining a greater and deeper understanding of laboratory research which has indicated that HPVs (which are the major cause of cervical cancer), produce proteins which are called E5, E6, and E7. These proteins tend to interfere with the functions of the cells which normally prevent excessive growth. With a better knowledge of the mechanisms and working of these proteins, researchers could possibly be able to develop successful ways to limit the process by which HPV infection can lead to the growth of abnormal cells, thus controlling the incidence of cervical cancer.

“Cervical Cancer Drug Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Highlights:

• Cervical Cancer Drug Market Overview
•  Marketed Drug Profiles & Patent Analysis
• Clinical Trial Insight by Phase & Country
• Drug in Clinical Development Phase: 47
• Majority Drugs in Phase-II: 16
• Marketed Cervical Cancer Drug: 6
• Discontinued Drug Profiles: 26
• Competitive Landscape

Companies Mentioned

Advaxis, ApoVax, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, ISA Pharmaceuticals,Kaken Pharmaceutical, Merck

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