Love your menagerie with Fabriano Boutique's MIAHOUSE playhouse for cats and Pet Diary

For pet (and design) lovers, Fabriano Boutique presents MIAHOUSE, a little cardboard playhouse for the amusement of cats, plus a Pet Diary to help you take care of your animal friends.

MIAHOUSE is the result of a partnership between architect Francesca Castagnini and Massimo Marchiori, renowned for his design and production of cardboard objects. It features fun entrances and openings as well as a scratching wall for cats' claws. It's easy to assemble without glue and can be customised with traditional colours such as markers, pencils and acrylics,  or with decorative paper and adhesives. It is made entirely of cardboard, is 100% recyclable and comes in a handy box. 

All pets need our love and care - cats, dogs, rabbits and all the exotic specimens that are now part of city life. Fabriano Boutique dedicates the new Pet Diary to their safeguard. In it you can log appointments, prescriptions, vaccinations and check-ups as well as record feeding plans and tips. There's space for their endearing habits and more for the important events that mark their progress. 

With a cover made of Tintoretto Ceylon Cumino paper and cloth back with elastic band, Pet Diary is a robust and handy pocket journal. It belongs to Fabriano Boutique’s large family of diaries dedicated to our leisure time. It joins the new House Hunting Diary that helps you move home, Home Diary and Gardener's Diary that make home management a pleasure, as well as the Wine Diary and Restaurant Diary for gourmets and Film Diary for cinema buffs. Others in the collection include a Trekking Diary  a Travel Diary, My Car Diary, an Opera and Concerts Diary and a Writer’s Diary. All have new colours and graphics and are available in dual language: Italian and English.

MIAHOUSE and Pet Diary are available from Fabriano Boutiques worldwide and in the UK from Fabriano Boutique's flagship store at 21 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PU. For store details visit