Mygration Offers Assistance on Getting Business Visas

Mygration, a leading Australian company that provides services related to migration law, announces an improved assistance service for foreign businesspeople applying for and processing business visas.

[BRISBANE, June 16, 2014]—Mygration, a leading migration agent in Australia, improves their assistance services for foreign businesspeople applying for and currently processing their business visas. This particular offering is part of the company’s efforts to offer a wider range of visa services for clients who want to live in Australia.


The Framework of the Migration Program for Businesses

The country’s skilled migration program is broken down into several different categories. They all, however, fall under the Business Skills Program, a special mandate that allows visa holders to become business owners. The Australia State and Territory Governments have the power to identify investors and businesspeople who will qualify for the program. Mygration offers solutions with regard to these governmental specifications and other requirements. They offer two services in these areas: business talent visa and business innovation and investment.


Business Talent Visa

Under this category, requirements must be met 4-5 years before application. There should also be a 3-year period post-visa grant. Mygration reminds clients that applications for this visa are by invitation only. Other than providing a state endorsement, applicants must be no more than 55 years old. They should also have personal and business assets amounting to AUD 1.5 million; have business turnovers reaching AUD 3 million, or funding from an Australian investor amounting to AUD 1 million. 


Business Innovation and Investment

This category has two options: provisional and permanent. Both options have another set of streams to choose from: the business innovation stream, the investor stream, and the significant investor stream. These visas also have specific requirements when it comes to funding, assets, and investment plans.


About Mygration

Mygration is a leading migration agency in Australia that provides services covering various aspects of migration law. The company has more than 11 years of experience in accounting, migration law, and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain, and other countries. The company’s agents are all registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. They provide expert advice that adds value to the clients’ migration application. Mygration upholds the Code of Conduct, which is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. Part of their compliance includes their provision of adequate arrangements to avoid financial loss on the part of the clients.

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