Os-Monitor.Com Presents An Effective Employee And Network Monitoring Software

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE introduces OsMonitor Employee Software. This is considered to be one of the best network monitoring software as well as employee monitoring software, available in the market.

According to a member of the company, “We have felt the huge requirement of functional employee monitoring software, among the employers, from a long time. Keeping this is mind, our network and employee monitoring software is specially designed to assist the business owners, by looking after the work force of the organizations, which in a way accelerates the overall productivity.”

This is uniquely developed software that helps the user to have a conscious eye on all the computers, of the company’s network. It also covers desktops as well as the operations of the cameras. The user can get to have every single detail, about the PC of a particular employee, with the help of this tool. Besides that, user can also capture the screenshot of an employee’s desktop, with the help of this software, for further records.

Apart from all this, this innovative software allows the user to track the chat record, sent emails and website viewing history, with the help of this software. This is found to be great software to know, if anyone is wasting their times in personal activities, during the span of office hours. The user can block games, websites and unwanted applications, with the help of this tool. USB devices, CD drivers, USB ports can also be disabled or blocked, in the same manner. This is extremely easy to use software. Users hardly take, five minutes to learn the functionalities of the app.

The company has come up with various basic versions and advanced versions of the software, with specified computer licenses. Users have shared great feedbacks, on the utility of the software. Roger is using this employee monitoring software from last few days in his office. He says, “This software is really great. My business was not doing well from last few months, as the employees were reported to waste a lot of man hours, in personal activities.  This software is feature loaded indeed. I have blocked all the unnecessary websites, from the network of my company. I monitor each and every PC of my company, with the help of this system. This software has enhanced the productivity of my company to a great extent and I am really happy with the outcomes of the software.”

About introduces an employee monitoring software. This is a great network monitoring software as well.
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