Everybody Wants to Sell Hair Extensions

CHICAGO, IL January 6, 2014  Just about every social media site is full of new hair extension business owners, just when you think the industry couldn’t get anymore saturated with hair extension seller, ten more come along. There’s not a day that goes by while you’re on social media that you’re not flooded with offers to buy hair extensions says mother and daughter duo Michele and Adrienne Jones who just released a self published book titled  “how to sell remy & virgin hair extensions.”

Michele and Adrienne originally started selling hair extensions in 2009 after the bad economy forced Michele to shut down her successful staffing agency. Michele says at one point they were making so much money from selling and delivering hair extensions that she had no other choice but to open stores. As of 2012 Michele and Adrienne felt the market has become oversaturated with new hair suppliers. After being in the industry  for five years now, Michele and Adrienne decided it was time to write a book to teach these new business owners how to properly sell hair extensions and make money doing it.

Michele decided it was time to take the experiences and lessons she and her daughter learned from being successful and owning two hair extension stores.

The hair extension industry is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon says Michele.

 Michele and Adrienne are giving you all their trials and errors within the hair extension industry. Michele says she never thought she would sell hair extensions as a career and be successful at it and she never thought she would be an author but here they are today as successful business owners and authors.

With Michele’s business skills to make businesses successful and  Adrienne’s’ experience with the hair extension industry they created a book that has everything you can imagine that you need to know to own and run a successful hair extensions business.

When asked why did the two of you write a book on selling hair extensions Adrienne says, when we first came into the business there was no information available to help us learn about the industry and we researched everywhere and found nothing available and what was available didn’t really give good or specific information.

Michele and Adrienne didn’t stop at writing ”How to sell Remy and Virgin Hair Extensions”, they also wanted to create a online hair extensions community, so  they also created  and , which  launched January 2, 2014. Michele and Adrienne wanted to keep hair extensions in one place, meaning they wanted to create and environment where hair extension sellers and wearers can come to one place for all the information  they need about hair extensions.

At you can purchase the book, then you can go to and get all the latest information regarding hair extensions and from there you can go to to get reviews on hair extension companies. By the end of 2014 Michele and Adrienne hope to have accomplished bring the hair extensions community to one place online.


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