Contact Centers & the Cloud: What you need to know

PSS Help is answering a desperate need within the contact center industry - for refreshingly impartial advice about when and how to switch to the cloud. Powerful insights and practical tips have been packed into a free e-guide called 'Contact Centers & the Cloud: What you need to know'.

The e-guide has been written for all contact center operators: those thinking about the cloud, those making the transition, and those who are using the cloud already at some level. For each scenario, the guide highlights key challenges and suggests practical ways to overcome them.

The e-guide isn't pro-cloud or anti-cloud. PSS's own vendor-neutral stance means the company is ideally placed to offer impartial advice. As an integrator and support provider, the company has a wealth of experience, working with the cloud for more than 13 years - long before the likes of Amazon, Google and Rackspace.

"Every industry show and event you attend, the word 'cloud' is everywhere - and is presented as the magical solution to a host of business challenges. It's easy for contact center operators to get swept along with the hype from vendors - regardless of whether the time is right for them," says Tony Porter, Chief of Marketing at PSS.

"In many cases, the cloud delivers outstanding results. But sometimes contact center operators fail to identify the full costs, security implications, functionality compromises, technical complexities, exit strategies and who's responsible when things go wrong. The guide puts down some much-needed ground rules so companies can proceed confidently into cloud - at their own pace."

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