New York— If more people added feminism to the list of things they believe in, would we live in a more equal world?

New York-based art directors Miriam Langsam and Mariam Guessous believe so.

To prove it, they have teamed up with VITAMIN W Media to launch a new media campaign called Add Feminism with partners Madison’s Browne Fellowship and Deutsch.

The campaign’s aim is to encourage more people to identify with the ideals of feminism—or at least admit that they support political, social, legal and economic equality of women—and all people.

Guessous said, “Being a feminist is not a bad thing, yet it’s perceived that way by some. It is simply the belief that you believe in women’s rights, therefore human rights.”

“Inexplicably, feminism is considered a dirty word and it’s time to change that perception. To help do this, we created a new identity for Feminism that’s positive and, most importantly, inclusive. Feminism is simply about human rights and equality. It is not a club and does not discriminate. So it’s up to all of us to start embracing it. The more we embrace it, the closer we are to equality for all.”

The campaign uses the best of Madison Avenue creativity to sell this good-for-equality message.

CEO of Deutsch NY Val DiFebo says, “Culturally, Deutsch is a pillar of feminism: not the label, but the belief in equality for all, no matter our gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or cultural differences. We are thrilled to be a part of this important initiative, not only supporting women, but giving them the choices and the freedom to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams.”

To participate in the campaign, people can visit the Just Add Feminism website and list four things they believe in—with feminism listed as the fifth.  

After a person makes a pledge, it can be made visible on the Just Add Feminism website and shared via social networking.  

Those who stand with the ideas of Feminism also receive a downloadable badge that can be used on social media as an avatar or virtual jewelry.

The creators hope this image will spread like the sign of marriage equality.

Last fall, Guessous won a competition to communicate (or rebrand) feminism, which was sponsored by VITAMIN W Media, The 3% Conference, and Miss Representation.

Guessous said she entered the contest for two reasons: “One, I know everything about feminism. I’m a woman. Two, most people who say they are not feminists don’t quite understand the definition.”

After winning the contest, and seeing her poster shared all over the internet, Guessous realized that many people like her wanted change, so she took her manifesto and turned it into action—of the social media kind.

VITAMIN W Media is a woman-owned media platform whose newest project is a rating system of consumer-facing companies and their record on gender equality.

The Madison’s Browne Fellowship is on a mission to redefine diversity to go beyond color and creed, and to establish a new culture that unites creative communities. The movement is a community-driven effort that finds innovative ways to engage, connect, and inspire professionals in the advertising, media, and design industries.

Deutsch is one of the most well-respected and successful advertising agencies in the United States. The agency produces award-winning and results-oriented campaigns for clients such as Volkswagen, Microsoft, PNC, Dr. Pepper, and Outback Steakhouse. Deutsch is, at its core, a business building machine. It's not just about making ads. It is about developing strategically sound, insightful creativity that connects with people at the right moment in the right environment.


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