New Fitness Training Program Called Muay Thai Fitness Is Released By NESTA


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (April 23, 2014) – NESTA Fitness School has come up with an all new fitness program. This program is known as Muay Thai Fitness.

This is a kickboxing certification program, which is included in the module of NESTA, after a long research. Muay Thai is a comprehensive web based video training program, designed by the experts of the industry. This cardio kickboxing program is considered to be great for personal trainers. People, who are looking for developing a career, as a martial art instructor, can also be benefited by this fitness kickboxing program.

Apart from that, this group fitness certification course is found to be extremely enterprising in nature. Gym owners can also be facilitated with the new certification program. Muay Thai can be utilized during one-on-one classes or even in small group workouts. After completing the certification course, people can train this uniquely developed kick boxing program for larger groups as well.

This is a completely training certification program, which is aimed to facilitate people in teaching the same in further. This program is totally equipped with 13 separate online training videos, online MCQ exams and sample work outs. The successful completions of the course would entitle the individual as a “Muay Thai Fitness Coach”.

This course would include history of Muay Thai and Muay Thai fitness, different coaching techniques, basics and fundamentals, small group structures, one on one group structures, large group formats, equipment options, complete PPT details of every single technique and many more. NESTA is announcing a special offer for this new course. The regular fee of the course is $197. However, during the special offer, the same course is offered to the candidates at only $127.

This new certification program has helped many of the participants. J Louie has recently completed his course, on Muay Thai. He says, “I loved the sessions of this course. I am aiming to be a professional martial art instructor in future, and I am sure of the fact that, this course is definitely going to help me. My fitness level has been increased and I am feeling confident about step forward towards my dream career, ever since I completed this course. This course was detail structured and I enjoyed it completely. I have recommended this course with many of my friends and they are also making their mind to get into the new program of NESTA.”

NESTA has come up with a certification course on Muay This. The course is offered with discounted fee.

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