Forsentek Announces to Offer Custom-made Compression Load Cell Designs to Meet Industry Demands

May 30, 2014: Load cells are often used as an important device to indicate weight and force in different types of processes. Forsentek Company specializes in manufacturing rugged force sensors that can accurately measure force and the process can keep functioning appropriately. They now announce to offer custom-made designing of load cells as per the specifications supplied by the client. According to them, a custom design sensor helps industries meet their requirements in a dedicated and efficient manner.

Announcing about their custom designs, the spokesperson of the company maintains that one can expect an accurate tension load cell from them that can accurately placed into the machine frame. The rugged feature of a custom-made sensor makes it durable and it can maximize the potentials of the processing. It can be used to accurately measure the total tension acting on the process and can easily be integrated into the mechanical shaft. Since a load cell is an important device for measuring and controlling force accurately, industries often focus on a custom-design that can be suitably integrated into their models.

The spokesperson maintains that their custom design service has been well appreciated by the industries. “We often used to receive queries from clients about custom designs. Hence, we decided to offer them load cells that can precisely meet their requirements. A number of industrial clients are now coming to us with their specific requirements,” he states. Forsentek also announces to offer custom-made compression load cell that is remarkable for their compact design and can be suitable to fit into devices that have limited space. Thus, it can be used to successfully measure force in a variety of micro devices. Industries today focus more on customized designs that can fit into an application more suitably.

Since it is important to measure load and force in many processes, a custom-designed force sensor is more desirable for industries. Forsentek is capable of providing all types strain gauge based load cells and force sensors for different applications. One can always request for a customized force sensor and solution from them. To learn more about their cells and to check their specifications, one may visit the website

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Forsentek specializes in the design and development of quality load cells and force sensors. The company has also been offering strain gauge based load cells and force sensors since 2008. At Forsentek, clients can find a complete range of standard load cells and customized force sensors.

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