Author pens new book filled with affirmation poetry

There are plenty of books on the market that expound on affirmations and daily reflections, but very few of them approach the subject with something besides prose.  Hillis Pugh's upcoming book, Awaken with Gratitude, is the culmination of his own personal journey.


Pugh was a student of many of the leading spiritual thought leaders before striking out on his own and starting his blog.  Along the way Pugh discovered his own voice and that there was much more to say in poetry than in prose.  Through poetry, he adapted various philosophical approaches and emotions that tapped his own personal gratitudes and was able to compile them successfully.

 “So much of what is written for daily affirmation is prose, and some of it is simply too long to read in our hectic, daily lives.  I found that poetry and its superficial simplicity but deeper connotation was the ideal way to express my thoughts.  This is what lead me to writing my book,” said Pugh.

 Pugh's book is written around the basic concept that each one of us have – waking up and starting our day.  For some, this is a real struggle.  Pugh's poetry and approach to gratitude works to change this in the reader with a gradual process.

 Pugh does not want to be the only person who is touting the positives of his book.  Judy Hallmark recently read the book as part of editing, and she said, “Awaken With Gratitude resonates with all that I believe to be true and reminds me that I can always find a reason to give thanks. Hillis’s poetry is a bonus, his words invite you to come share in his love. Thank you, Hillis for blessing me with the gift of your book.”

 Awaken With Gratitude has an official release date of August 9.  From August 9 to 11,  Awaken With Gratitude will be free for download.  Pugh is also negotiating a special promotional price for the book for those who want a physical copy.

 Pugh is also available as a spiritual consultant.


Hillis Pugh