Have a Good Time in Wilderness Improvements with Cheap RS Gold Buying

The Wilderness can be a really intimidating place for a new RuneScape player to start but thanks to the new Task Set, there is a now a structured way to make your first steps into these dangerous but fruitful lands. Here Jagex has announced wilderness improvements. By the way, looking for a website to buy cheap RS gold is possible with the help of RSorder.

Improved Wilderness Skilling

The revitalised Wilderness is now full of new and improved skilling spots, each offering excellent XP and even the unique new bloodweed herb.

Cursed Divination Wisps 

Visit the Sword of Edicts and catch the cursed wisps. The wisps in this location are highly variable meaning anyone can train at them. They offer differing XP rates in a similar manner to the Ourania Runecrafting altar. Once memories caught here are converted to energy, they can be weaved into any of the standard energies, provided you have the Divination level to harvest them.

Chaos Altar Prayer Training 

The Chaos Altar in level 12 Wilderness now functions as an equivalent to the gilded altar (+350% XP) in a player-owned house without the need to light burners.

Also, after completing the Hard tier of the Wilderness Task set (details in the section below), a friendly NPC un-noter becomes available in this location.

Rogue’s Castle Pickpocketing 

Rogues in the Rogues’ Castle now can be pickpocketed for bloodweed seeds (see the bloodweed section below for more details). Pickpocketing them also works the same way as pickpocketing in Prifddinas except that when you are caught you can’t pickpocket rouges on that level of the castle for 30 seconds, oh and you’re in the Wilderness too, so watch your back!

Wilderness Slayer Contracts 

New Wilderness Slayer contracts work like ones from the Slayer Tower except that if you are killed whilst in possession of one, the player who kills you can take it, work it and cash it out! Other than that, they offer the same additional +20% of the Slayer XP you would get from killing a Slayer creature on assignment.

Additionally, the Wilderness Slayer contracts will stack with the Demonic Skill improvements. See section below for more detail.

Charming Moths 

Charming moths can only be caught barehanded, but rewards players with the four standard summoning charms. Requires level 88 Hunter and level 83 Agility.

Bloodweed and New Potions

A new herb patch has been placed near the canoe exit. Any herb can be grown here but more importantly this is the only place in Gielinor where the brand new bloodweed can grow. Bloodweed requires level 57 Farming to grow. 

Thanks to bloodweed, three new potions can now be made, each giving amazing effects wherever you use them: 

Luck potion: Bloodweed + crushed dragonstone. Ring of wealth effect for 60 mins. Requires level 57 Herblore. Tradeable.

Camouflage potion: Bloodweed + black salamander. It hides your dot on the minimap for 60 seconds to aid in sneak attacks. Requires level 65 Herblore.

Aggression potion: Bloodweed + searing ashes. It makes all attackable NPC’s aggressive to you for 6 minutes. Requires level 82 Herblore. 

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