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Watch Justin Bieber's Believe Online it starts getting out of control, 90 percent of it isn’t true. You can’t address everything.” As a result, Braun said that when they go to see “Believe,” fans will see Bieber portrayed with “complete vulnerability” and as “a human.” As Braun explained, “I think people forget that it’s a 19-year-old kid, trying to figure it out.” Justin Bieber’s Rough Year Continues

That sentiment is echoed by Jon M. Chu, the director of “Believe,” who was also behind the camera for “Never Say Never,” Bieber’s concert film.

“I wanted the world to see Justin the way I know Justin, warts and all, because I think if you see him, you’ll see the kid in there,” Chu told reporters at the film’s premiere. “You’ll see the kid turning into an artist. You’ll see him making choices about taking over his empire; some wrong and some right choices.”

Added Chu, “I think you’ll see a kid who’s sometimes confused about those issues and sometimes knows exactly where he stands on it.”

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What the director wants fans to understand is that just because Bieber is famous, it doesn’t mean that taking shots at him should be a national sport.

“He’s not a product that we get to take down for our entertainment,” Chu said. “I think he’s someone that we get to watch the journey of and to root for to survive it all.”

Justin Bieber’s “Believe” hits theaters Wednesday.

When the petite pop prince from the Great White North first viewed a rough cut of the new documentary "Justin Bieber's Believe," he excitedly called its director Jon Chu in the middle of the night to voice concerns.

Not about the less-than-flattering aspects of the movie, like where Chu asks Bieber about him turning into a "train wreck." Or where the director, speaking off-camera, ponders if Bieber will wind up like Michael Jackson or Lindsay Lohan.

The 19-year-old superstar was hung up on a segment in which he's shown talking about being in love and experiencing heartbreak. Could Chu edit Bieber's halting answers down to more concise sound bites?

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"He was, like, 'I'm umming and awwing a lot. Can you, like, clean that up?'" recalled Chu. "'It feels like I don't know what love is.' And I'm, like, 'That's awesome! That you're trying to find the right words is so great. That's why we like you.' He's, like, 'OK. I just don't want to look like an idiot.'"

With its insider's view of teenage fandom's foremost icon, "Justin Bieber's Believe" (which arrives in theaters Christmas Day) presents any number of compelling insights on its subject: as a self-starting artist shown putting pencil to loose leaf pad to write his hit 2012 single "Boyfriend." As a cheerful kid with an extensive wardrobe of harem pants who's at least self-reflective enough to admit his attempt to grow a barely there mustache is "delusional." As a man-child on the cusp of adulthood, able and willing to butt heads with his powerhouse manager Scooter Braun.

But contrary to the avalanche of tabloid reports about the star that materialize on a weekly basis — "Justin Bieber Pees Into Restaurant Mop Bucket," "Justin Bieber Goes Butt Naked With a Guitar in Leaked Photos!" — he does not seem feckless in the film. In addition to scenes of "Beatlemania"-on-steroids fan adulation and concert footage shot during his last tour, "Believe" serves to humanize a teenager who is so constantly in the public eye that he's become an abstraction.

And Chu, who directed the singer's 2011 3-D concert documentary, "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," was probably the only person who could have brought the new movie to screen. After becoming a trusted member of the star's inner circle and being contracted by Braun to stage-direct Bieber's 2012-13 "Believe" tour (a first for the filmmaker, who says he had "never directed a high school play before"), Chu initially proposed a behind-the-scenes straight-to-DVD concert movie.

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As filming commenced, however, a new narrative came into focus. "He's a boy. He's a man. What is he? He doesn't know yet but he's taking control," the director said at the Hollywood-adjacent office of his production company, Chu Studios. "The idea was to show him in that vulnerable spot."