Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea

I felt tired most of the time, but always chalked it up to my hectic schedule. My wife was tired too. We would get the kids in bed and then just collapse into bed. But wasn’t it like that for everyone? Then I started to gain weight, I guess it was because I was eating more and never had the energy to exercise. My wife complained I was snoring louder than ever; it went from cute little snorts throughout the night to very loud fog horn bursts. She tried ear plugs, playing music, and then finally she moved out of the bedroom. I blamed her, after all, I couldn’t help that I snored! The next sign that something was really wrong came when I was passed over for a promotion. I was devastated and angry. My boss was candid: ” You are spaced out during conference calls and dazed during meetings. You have also missed the majority of your deadlines too. Are you okay?” The truth is, I wasn’t okay but I didn’t know why. My wife asked me to talk to my doctor about why I am snoring and why I am so tired. She really wanted to move back into the bedroom. I ignored her. I don’t like doctors. She persisted: ” It could be sleep apnea!” I walked out of the room. My dad wore a CPAP thing and hated it so much. I did not want to admit something like sleep apnea could be the cause; it was just snoring! Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened a few years later. My wife left me. Just like that (snaps fingers), I came home and she was gone. The kids were grown now and I was all alone. At this point, I was over weight and had high blood pressure. I was hanging on by a thread at work. My marriage was kaput and my career stalled. I went to the doctor. I didn’t want to go. He confirmed it was probably sleep apnea but assured me that you guys (Simple Sleep Services) could help me and probably without a CPAP! It was the best decision of my life. I stopped snoring and feel better. Everyone at work has noticed too. My wife hasn’t come back, but I don’t blame her. She is happy for me and my kids invite me to do things with them now because I am not always trying to take a nap. I guess you can say I am getting my life back.