IPL Cellox 10- Rosacea treatment in Stockholm

The rosacea is a facial redness or in some cases there are pimples on face. This disease widely affects the people of north western European population. Though it occurs among both sexes but, it is most common among women. It could lead to worst scenario if left untreated. The Stockholm, Sweden has many such health centres that believe in curing these diseases. There are usual as well as latest ground-breaking technologies to cure rosacea.

There are traditional IPL technologies that use short and intense light pulses. The IPL rosacea is advanced technology that treats various skin infections including rosacea. Whereas, CellOx technology is the innovative over this traditional method. In Cellox the light intensity is greater and also light pulses remain constant maintaining stable and consistent energy. The resultant, the treatment remains painless and most importantly effective. There, also, won’t be any scars and spots results into more effective cure.

The CellOx 10 has cooling system that maintains cooling effect on the affected area which ultimately reduces any chance of injuries- the main concern of the patients. The rosacea treatment through cellOX 10 is more effective than IPL Stockholm as it rejuvenates skin. Though, initially a day or after treatment, could cause some red bruise but, it would be as normal as there was never a rosacea any time before.