Hulu, YouTube Ad Model for Mobile Karaoke

CES Booth #20356, SH – DigiTrax Entertainment, LLC, the creators of KaraokeOnVEVO, and Deansoft, the Taiwan-based karaoke software company, announced the release of Sing-N-Share™, a free, ad-supported app that allows users to record their voice singing to over 12,000 licensed karaoke songs, and share them to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.  

Sing-N-Share™ is an interactive app for Android and IOS devices enabling users to choose from a library of karaoke content, select songs, record their own versions and post them on social media outlets. The app is ad-supported and incorporates pre-roll video ads, similar to Hulu and YouTube.

DigiTrax has modeled Sing-N-Share™ after its ad-supported, free KaraokeOnVEVO channel, which garnered over seventy million (70,000,000) views and two-hundred and fifty thousand plus (250,000+) subscribers since its launch in March last year.

“Sing-N-Share™ is like KaraokeOnVEVO with added features. It’s unique. Singers can generate their own content and engage friends,” said Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment. “We feel this transition to the mobile platform was a natural progression.  It’s a win for singers, the song writers and the advertisers.” 

The fully-licensed content is supported by video advertising from LiveRail. “Buyers are constantly looking for highly engaging content that appeals to key demographics," said Mark Trefgarne, CEO and Co-Founder of LiveRail. "We believe DigiTrax’s new Sing-N-Share™ app will be a hit with advertisers as well as the consumers."

Sing-N-Share™ is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Sing-N-Share™ version 2.0 is due later this month. It will have a ‘No Ad’ subscription upgrade similar to Spotify, Pandora and Hulu+.

About DigiTrax Entertainment:

DTE is a music media content innovator with flagship consumer products like whose API provides the back-end for Sing-N-Share™, and partnership integrations with music software companies around the world.

About Deansoft:

Deansoft, founded in mid-1998, is one of the leading software companies in Taiwan, providing hardware/software solutions for IA products. They maintain over 10,000 karaoke rooms in Taiwan. 

About LiveRail:

LiveRail is the leading publisher monetization platform for video, with 25% of all online video ads delivered via their platform each month.