Buying and Selling Things in Nigeria Has Become Much Simpler with Jiji

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People all over the world buy and sell various things on the web these days and it is no wonder, taking into account the popularity and the increased demand for classified projects observed these days. Realizing the increased shopping needs of people and their demand for convenience and comfort, Jiji has decided to make more people aware of their user-friendly project that will cater to the requirements and shopping preferences of the residents of Nigeria.

Jiji is a Nigeria-based online classified project, the mission of which is to deliver the first class shopping services to the residents, who live in Nigeria. The project was founded in 2014 in Lagos. As of today, the site enjoys popularity with millions of people and the availability of more than 513000 free ads published by the best sellers is the best proof of this fact. In fact, Jiji is the fastest growing online marketplace in Nigeria. The motto of the website is “Sell faster, Buy smarter”, which really corresponds to the major priorities of the project.

The developers of the website underline that they “provide a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buy almost anything”. With this purpose, they have made it possible for the sellers to post free ads with photos, update and move the ads to the top positions in order to get maximum efficacy from the shopping process and get messages or phone calls from real registered buyers, who are genuinely interested in the result. Buyers, in their turn, also have lots of privileges, including the opportunity to purchase any item they are interested in by getting in touch directly with the sellers.

Being the most popular online marketplace in the country, the platform pays special attention to the security issues and the comfort of their customers. They are able to resolve any problems and unpredictable situations in the shortest time possible to make the shopping process convenient and hassle-free both for the buyers and the sellers. Upon the demand of buyers, they can check the reputability of sellers to help them feel on the safe side.

Placing a free advertisement is not a problem at Jiji. A user just has to undergo the registration process and follow easy recommendations to make the process quicker and more convenient. The security system of the website checks the credibility of a seller and publishes the ad in less than two hours after its submission. To simplify the search of the advertisements, they are subcategorized into numerous sections, including Mobile Phones and Tablets, Vehicles, Jobs, Electronics, Home and Garden, Fashion, Beauty, Property, Services and more. The website is available 24/7.

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About the Company:

Jiji is a fast-growing Nigerian free online classifieds with advanced security system, which was founded in 2014 in Lagos. They publish thousands of free advertisements people can browse through with regard to their shopping needs. As of today, there are over 513000 free ads subdivided into several categories. This is done to make the search process easier and hassle-free. The owners of the website pay special attention to the security issues and comfort of sellers and buyers, who use their services on a regular basis.

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