Significant Investor Visa Made Easy with Mygration

Mygration, a leading migration agency in Queensland, offers Significant Investor Visa application assistance. Clients with plans to migrate and do business in Australia can work with the company for a less stressful migration and moving process.

[Brisbane, QLD, July 14, 2014] – Mygration, one of the most trusted migration agencies in Queensland, strengthens their Significant Investor Visa assistance service. Clients wanting to migrate and do business in Australia can have a less stressful migration and moving process with the help of strengthened services from Mygration.

Australia is ‘Open for Business’

In September of 2013, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot declared “Australia is under new management and is once more open for business.” To this very day, the prime minister is keen on keeping with his assurance that trade and business in the country will pick up, and it looks like they are heading in the right direction – overseas investments are increasing.

Programmes, such as the Significant Investor Visa (SIV), are rising in demand once again. The SIV aims “to provide a boost to the Australian economy and to compete effectively for high net worth individuals seeking investment migration.” This is where Mygration’s services come in.

Significant Investor Visa for Australia

The Significant Investor Visa is a new stream offered under the Business Innovation and Investment visa (for both provisional and permanent visa). This makes migrant investors eligible for a permanent visa, provided they make a significant investment in Australia (at least AUD5million, to be exact). Mygration’s services can assist clients with the migration process and provide sound, legal advice to make their move to Australia a lot easier.

The firm employs a team of professionals that not only provide services related to migration law, but also offer valuable knowledge and expertise relating to different assessment criteria for all Australian visas. The SIV, for example, has a lot of requirements and applicants can easily commit mistakes. Mygration makes sure clients fulfil all criteria and requirements for the particular visa program.

Mygration’s experienced and registered migration agents are always ready to address any concerns and go over the possible options for a client. Interested clients who want to apply for the Significant Investor Visa and other Australian visa programs are encouraged to get in touch with the company for professional assistance.

About Mygration

Mygration is a premier team of expert migration agents in Brisbane. They offer a wide range of services relating to migration law, visa application, and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain and many other countries.

The firm employs registered migration agents that provide clients with only the highest quality service for various cases of moving to Australia.

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