Kick Start your Financial Planning with is a multi-award winning practice which provides great advice to enable people to achieve their financial and life objectives. provide independent financial advice that puts your best interests first. has leaded the financial planning professions transition from ‘Investment commission’ to ‘Fee for service remuneration’. Their philosophy is that clients need to understand investment and advice costs and they should be separate and clear. Conflicts of interest should be avoided, or disclosed and managed.


A professional financial planner can thoroughly consider your circumstances, and then develop strategies to help you reach your goals. James Gerrard of  has been named one of Australia’s top 50 financial advisers by Wealth Professional. James has been ranked number 23rd in the country according a Wealth Professional analysis recently conducted.


The value of financial planning goes beyond dollars and cents – it can simplify your life and give you a sense of security about your current and future financial position. You may seek financial advice to help you with a specific circumstance, such as starting a family, buying a house or managing an inheritance; property (both residential and listed), shares and wholesale managed funds (with no entry or exit fees); a good planner can empower you to make the most of these situations.


Through professional financial advice, James can increase your ‘success’.  He will first undertake a review of your current situation and recommend ways to help you optimise your opportunities and restructure and reorganise the ways you do things.  You then work together to identify the future goals and successes that are important to you, and implement a plan to work towards them in a structured, reviewable and measurable way.


James’s goal is to move you from where you were going (realised success), to somewhere higher (potential success) – achieved through structure, guidance and advice. James Gerrard is one of Sydney’s leading Financial Advisors and is regularly quoted in the media on Financial Planning matters.


Gerrard Financial specialises in providing professional financial advice and peace of mind to individuals, couples and families. Without the right structure, guidance and advice, people tend to ‘drift’ through life and usually do not make optimal financial decisions. If you would like to meet with a Financial Advisor you can trust, make an appointment to meet with James. First meeting at no cost.



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