V.I.C. now Genius re-emerges with new look, new sound and new style

The Single

A hot dance track, "Murder She Wrote" has a bouncy rhythm and pop/reggae vibe. His latest music is refreshingly energetic. The underlying theme of the song along with the upbeat and catchy rhythm of "Murder She Wrote" are favorable elements of Genius' new debut. It can take up to one day or a week to create a song "but the track tells me what to say," says Genius.

The revamped image and name reflect Genius' new musical sound and quality. Early in his career he allowed people to take advantage of his naivety. He vowed to never let that happen again and created his company Miracle Music. His past industry experience has made him the artist he is today and rest assured the hits will keep coming. This time around he’s doing it his way.

"Murder She Wrote" - Lyric Video

About Genius

Purpose, passion and positivity: emerging with a modern palette of digital alchemy, irresistible hooks and potent lyricism, Atlanta-based artist Genius imparts an uplifting consciousness into sleek, modern hip-hop/R&B/pop. The young artist’s music expresses a vital aura of liberation – a mirror of his progress in a new era of creativity.

Born Victor Owusu in Queens, New York to a cross-cultural family (his mother is from New York, his father from Ghana) he moved at a young age to Atlanta, GA.
In the musical hotbed of the South, Genius – working under his artist name V.I.C. — impacted the Billboard charts with his CD release Beast and subsequent singles included the RIAA Gold certified “Get Silly,” and “Wobble.”

It is no secret that young artists in the music industry are often exploited, manipulated and mismanaged. For some, this can signal the end of promising careers. For Genius, it inspired a beginning. “I feel like people cannot relate or sympathize with your past unless they know about it,” he says. “ I want my audience to know that I came from the struggle in the industry, not being taken seriously as an artist, and being neglected and being robbed. That didn’t stop me. I’m still standing – not only am I still standing, but I’m better than ever.”

The newest Genius tracks mirror the transformative power of his artistry and transmit an uplifting vibe that is tangible. “I have healing in my melodies. I think my spirituality affects every part of my life. Believing in God is the reason that I can stay positive. If one door closes another one opens.”

His name, “Genius” is relative to his empowerment. “Everything I went through in the industry has been harsh. Now I’m making a genius move of owning my own company. I don’t have to worry about anyone robbing me. I am my own boss, and able to overcome all adversities while everyone from my past is ruling me out. That’s what genius means to me.”

A sense of genius is also apparent in the depth of the songwriting. Inspired by the sonic imprint of the tracks, Genius acknowledges that lyrics flow freely from his creative consciousness. “I don’t try to force it, I vibe to the music. It can take a day or a week,” he notes. “But the track tells me what to say.”

A new song, “One Love,” shares a powerful sense of community with the lyrics, “We are your people and we belong to you/That makes us family too.” With his newest songs, Genius moves far away from the darkness that has shadowed his past career into the light of artistic fulfillment. “I’m not one to dwell on any kind of negativity – it doesn’t get you anywhere,” concludes Genius. “ When a tree bears fruit, it doesn’t just bear one apple, it bears many. I feel like God is too big in me for me to be worried about negativity.”

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