Airwheel to release a revolutionary new product — E6 intelligent folding electric assist bike

Since Airwheel called a press event to roll out a lot of new products in March, Airwheel is elaborating another press event after an interval of three months. It is expected that Airwheel is scheduled to release a revolutionary new product—smart electric bike E6. E6 will make a splash by virtues of its many technology applied to it and innovative design.

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The basic parameter is encouraging. This time Airwheel adopts lithium battery. The 18650 battery contains 247.9 wh. Airwheel makes a big change in the battery. This time, Airwheel E6 electric folding bicycle applied the building-block design, developing the changeable battery. When one battery is installed and in operation, the user can charge the other. The change of battery is quite easy.

The building-block batteries bring about a lot of convenience. When it comes to the material used in Airwheel foldable electric bike E6, the lightweight aluminium alloy is applied to Airwheel E6 as its shell. Therefore Airwheel E6 weighs only 12.6 kg. In the effort to scale down the weight of bodywork, Airwheel makes a big stride once again.

Some people may worry about the durability of the lightweight aluminium alloy. They are concerns that the material will not bear heavy weight and the heavy weight will cause the lightweight aluminium alloy breakdown. Actually, such concern is not necessary. Although the weight of the alloy is rather light, its reliability and durability is satisfactory. The bodywork of Airwheel E6 electric assist bicycle can carry a load of 100 kg. Even if an adult steers it, it still can carry him and take him to the destination.

The basic parameter will give the potential customers a teasing hope. Once electric assist bicycle E6 goes into the market, these customers will swarm into the shop for it or order it online on a large scale.

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