The Guidance for Laser Pointer Amateur

Once upon a time, laser pointer belongs to a nonexistent word. Thus needless to say owning a laser pointer. It is impossible to run until the invention of the first laser pointer by Theodore Harold Maiman in 1960. For its twinkling beam and good light ductility, laser pointers are widely accepted and become more and more popular immediately. Those impossible things are widespread now. Of course the things popular must have their widely applications. Below I will give you the detailed introduction about laser pointer from various aspects.

Laser Pointer Features

Laser pointes exist in a variety of forms in the market to meet for all kinds of demands. Each kind of crowd has their own need from the color of the laser, the power of the laser, the size of the laser with different price, but among them, the most important decisive factor is the function. Laser pointers have an extensive and multiple applications in real life. Such as stargazing, presentation tool, pet's toy, lighting cigarettes, burning things and so on.

Laser Pointer Market Form

Because of the extensive application of laser pointer, there are kinds of laser forms, colors and power in market. For stargazing, the optical one is 50mW 532nm green laser pointer. With a slender metal rod makes it portable but not too small to hold in hand. As for presentation tool, it comes up with a ring like laser pointer. You can wear it on your finger like a ring and control it on off by the button one side. That makes the presentation easier. In addition, as a funny toy for entertaining the family pet, here invents a laser pointer can make a sound while operating it that makes the process of funny pets more interesting. And for burning things or lighting cigarettes, the cold system is very important, because the heat generated during the work time might make your hand scald. The laser with cold system must design with special materials and special structure.

The Price of Laser Pointer

The price of laser pointer is mostly decided by power of the laser. The high power laser pointer needs higher price. Another decisive factor is color. Red laser cost a low price. The precise power and color might need to reach via OEM laser, that definitely with higher price. As the same time, a pair of laser safety goggles is necessities when operating a high-powered laser pointer. So the price of a pair of goggles should add into the budget.

Laser Pointer Safety

As we mentioned before, laser is a high power product with inconceivable power that might hurt your retina or skin. The devices are extremely dangerous causing damage to you. That is the core reason that more than 5mW laser pointer is illegal. And there are the strict class distribution about laser safety. The FDA exact demands the manufacture to show the safety class clearly on the surface of each laser pointer. The Class III lasers with more power should be operating with wearing a pair of laser safety goggles.

Laser Pointer Brands

Laser pointers are becoming the popular things thus there are a lot of laser online shop with the jagged standards. However, a piece of high quality and tested laser pointer is very rare. There are higher end laser pointer brands that are available, including familiar brands like LaserTo, WL and Highlasers. They are all professional laser products manufacturers support guaranteed laser pointers. They accept special tailor made that you can show your special requirements to them by email. The professional customer service staff will help you solve any laser query and recommend the proper laser products to meet your requirements.