New Distribution Between Siborg Systems Inc. and Medin Co Ltd. Deal Bring Smart Tweezers to Vietnam and Surrounding Asia

Siborg Systems Inc. has penned a deal with Medin Co. Ltd in Vietnam to bring the world renowned LCR-meters to Vietnam and surrounding Asai. This deal means that customers can get their devices faster with less wait times for shipping and customs.

Medin Co. Ltd., based in Vietnam, is a supplier of all types of electronic equipment, tools and parts from Panasonic, SMC, Weller, Omron, Apex Tool Group and more.

“We are excited to bring <a href=''>Smart Tweezers</a> to Vietnam with this new distribution agreement with Medin Co. Ltd. Smart Tweezers are a great fit amongst Medin’s other products. <a href=''>Smart Tweezers</a> are an essential tool or quick component evaluations.” says Siborg’s Director of Research and Development, Michael Obrecht.

A fully automatic LCR-meter that requires no setup between measurements, Smart Tweezers is the easy-to-use alternative to traditional bench type testers. By just grasping a Surface Mount Component between the tweezers, <a href=''>Smart Tweezers</a> are able to determine the type and measure accordingly for Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance or ESR values. The combination of a powerful LCR-meter, a set of tweezers, with a display in the handles in a on 1 oz. device makes working with SMT fast and efficient for all applications from manufacturing to maintenance, and the ability to sort components makes it essential for production lines.

The newly released <a href=''>Smart Tweezers ST-5S </a>is the professional model in the popular line of handheld, digital LCR-meters. This model is a newly updated ST-5, with all the same features and functions but with a look akin to the LCR-Reader. This model has a 0.2% basic accuracy, multiple features, and a joystick-like navigation that allows users to change test conditions without needing to access the menus.

Features include:
-Fully automatic Inductance, Resistance, Capacitance and Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) evaluations
-Basic accuracy of 0.2%
-Component sorting with 1%, 5%, 10% and 20% tolerance
-Continuity and diode testing
-Adjustable test signals of 0.5 and 1.0 Vrms
-Displays active and reactive impedance components displayed
-Parasitic offset subtraction feature

For non-professionals looking for a device like Smart Tweezers but without the high price, Siborg created the <a href=''>LCR-Reader</a>. This device is available for less than $200, which was only achievable by reducing the basic accuracy to 1%, and leaving off some features including the component sorting, diode and continuity testing and parasitic offset subtraction feature. The LCR-Reader also uses a fixed 0.5 Vrms which can limit testing ceramic capacitors.

Features include:
-Automatic L, C, R and ESR measurements
-Basic accuracy of 1%, the same accuracy found on the previous ST-2 and ST-3 models
-Best range selection
-Affordable for non-professionals

Smart Tweezers have become the leading handheld alternative to conventional bench-type testers for testing and troubleshooting electronics with Surface Mount Technology, and are currently used all over the world including by high-tech companies. Visit the <href=''>Smart Tweezers’ Blog</a> for all the latest news.

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