Top Report - China Automotive Non-woven Market, 2014 - 2018

Research and Forecast of China Automotive Non-woven Market, 2014-2018 primarily carries on analyses in the following aspects: market scale of automotive non-woven, demand situation, market application, import and export and business performance of major automotive non-woven enterprises; meanwhile it makes an analytical prediction about future automotive non-woven industry, so as to offer decision-making references for investors. 

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In 2013, sales volume of automotive nonwovens reached 260 million square meters in China, a year-on-year growth of 13% compared with 230 million square meters in 2012. In the aspect of demand volume, the demand for automotive nonwovens was about 600 million square meters throughout 2013, market demand for automotive seat fabrics was approximately 170 million square meters, the demand for non-woven deadening felts roughly reached 80 million square meters, and the demands for passenger car carpets, interlining of passenger car trunks, textiles of passenger cars’ baggage holder, fabrics of automotive door inner plate and safety belts were about 36 million square meters, 29 million square meters, 12 million square meters, 13 million square meters and 140 million square meters respectively, and the demand for automotive headliner fabrics exceeded 42 million square meters. 

1. Overview of Non-woven Products

1.1 Product Definition, Classification and Property

1.1.1 Definition

1.1.2 Classification

1.1.3 Property

1.2 Varieties of Automotive Non-woven Materials

2. Status of Global Non-woven Industry

2.1 Situation Analysis

2.2 Production and Sales 

3. Operation Environment of China Automotive Non-woven Industry

3.1 China’s Economic Development Environment

3.2 Relevant Policy, Regulation and Standard......

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In the coming years the growth rate of domestic automobiles will hover at 12% annually, and along with more attention paid to environmental protection, the growth rate of automotive non-woven industry will over 15% and market demand will be up to 1.25 billion square meters by 2018. 

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