Jay Peak Resort Files Suit in Federal Court

April 9, 2014 (Jay, VT)- Jay Peak Resort has filed suit in federal court against Mother Nature. The suit alleges “intentional infliction of emotional distress resulting from [Mother] Nature’s deliberate and purposeful disregard for the mental and emotional well-being of the employees and owners of Jay Peak Inc and its associated holdings.” The filing seeks unspecified damages for the pain and suffering of resort personnel as the result of Mother Nature’s actions, which have caused the northern Vermont destination to still have 100% of its skiing and riding terrain open well past “what is seasonally normal and acceptable.”

 “We’re in unchartered territory,” remarked JJ Toland, Jay Peak’s Director of Communications. “It’s true that in the past we have been open well into the month of May and that’s part of the running agreement we have with Ms. Nature. But for her to unload the quantity of snow she has in such a short time frame borders on the cruel and unusual.”

Jay Peak has received more than seven feet of snow in the last 30 days. Such an extreme amount of late-season snowfall combined with nighttime temps below freezing has led to mid-winter conditions at Jay Peak.

“We believe the case law to be on our side,” continued Toland. “Just look around Vermont. What other resorts still have all of their trails open? None. It’s ridiculous that we’re all still working this hard. Personally I got into the ski business because I’m lazy and enjoy the downtime that comes with April and May. Not this year! I’m still getting up every effing morning at 5:00 AM to radio the groomers and get the overnight snow totals. It’s bulls&#t! Justice needs to be served! I want a Margarita!”

Toland had to be escorted from the courthouse steps after beginning to weep uncontrollably.

Jay Peak officials expect a preliminary finding of fact by early next week. Barring a court injunction or acquiescence from Mother Nature, the Resort will be forced to remain open until Mothers’ Day, May 11.

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