Deerfield Beach, FL – July 16, 2014. Tribut Apparel is not only to the online destination to get classic rock t-shirts online, but they cover all aspects of classic rock history! Each week they take a trip through rock n’ roll history to give us all a much needed refresher on our rock culture.

This week is all about diving into the dark side of music, when the rock and roll bands call it quits. Sometimes it is forever and others only a few years but Tribut gathered the best break ups and make ups through the history of rock and roll. Did the small glimpses of Pink Floyd reunion give you hope also? If so, you will love to read about some of the other bands like the Eagles or Van Halen in “Give Me One More Chance!” you can learn all about a few rock bands that have gotten back together after large falling outs.

Keep coming back for more! We are always paying tribute to the history of rock & roll music and each week we guarantee you learn something new & noteworthy! 



About Tribut

Tribut (, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is an online specialty retailer and social media company that sells a fun and nostalgic mix of apparel, accessories and gift items inspired by the music, art and pop culture from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.