June 19, 2014 – New York – Lenore and Joseph Luca are empowering teens that have been making headway towards their TV series Keeping Up With Cool. Lenore and Joseph host the Internet series, which covers subjects related to young adults such as the first day of school, boy bands, health and fitness, and etcetera. The dynamic duo provides a n informative perspective from a girl and a boy point of view.  Funny, entertaining, and sibling rivalry (in a fun way) intrigue their audience and their three thousand twitter followers @KeepUpCool.

     Whether it’s celebrity interviews, jokes, comedic segments, adventures and relevant news Lenore is the corky, talkative, high-energy host; while Joseph is the sarcastic, jeering, yet calm loving brother. 

     Lenore is a teen entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker who has appeared at numerous events across the United States speaking to over half a million teens and youth about leadership, bullying, and their futures. She is a leader and is ready to empower her generation. She continues her education at Montclair State University in New Jersey studying Television and Digital Media.


“Most Importantly I am a Teenager, I make mistakes, I am not perfect and have so much more to learn in this crazy place we call Earth.” – Lenore Luca


     Joe is Lenore's co-host on their TV show Keeping Up With Cool, nationally ranked Junior Olympian gymnast as well as a nationally well-known Navy Junior ROTC program graduate.  He brings a male perspective and comedic twist to many elements in the show, making it fun for all audiences. In the Fall he will be attending, Temple University studying finance and pre-med, and competing collegiate gymnastics.


    Lenore and Joe recently returned from Hollywood, where they filmed five more episodes with numerous guests including Jonathan Bennett, Cameron Ocascio, Coco Jones, Jonathan Keltz, Jimmy Deshler, and IM5.  Keeping Up With Cool is a fast-paced, energetic, half-hour weekly series that defines excitement.


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