An Amazing Opportunity for Authors to Self Publish their Ebooks for free

FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA -21, May 2014 – The publishing industry has witnessed a revolutionary phase with the evolution of Ebooks. Electronic books are now as popular as any other printed books and people now download various apps that support ebooks so as to keep reading their favorite books wherever they go. Tiggio E-Book Publishing provides an excellent opportunity for established and self-published authors who can now design their own e-books without any dependence on a publishing house. This is a one stop shop for all self-publishing needs. There are various ebook categories to choose from and a variety of packages as well. Tiaggo Publishing offers free self publishing along with paid packages such as Basic E-Book Publishing, Essential Design, Extravagant Design and Professional Package.

While the basic package comes with minimum features, the professional package is packed with lots of features such as ISBN Assignment, Book Cover Design, Online Distribution, Blog and Tweet, Phone and Chat support, Sell in Ebook store and Author Website. Along with these services, self-publishing authors can also choose for Book Formatting, Book Editing and Book Featured services as well. For those who are looking at some help with distribution, Tiggio Publishing also offers E-Book Distribution services. The EBook will be submitted to, Kobo, the Sony Reader Store, iBookstore, Apple,Amazon and Barnes and Noble and many other online ebook stores.

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Tiggio Publishing, based at Fayetteville, Georgia was founded in 2012 to help self-published authors and established authors publish ebooks. The others services offered here are social media marketing, ebook cover design, website design, editing, blogs, tweets, ghostwriting and many more.

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