Qualities required used in FAG deep groove ball bearings

FANADE Industry Co.- professional supplier of. Fag Deep groove Ball Bearing FANADE Bearing product type involves Deep Groove Ball Bearings,Taper Roller Bearing,Spherical Roller Bearings,Needle Roller Bearing,Angular Contact Ball Bearings,Cylindrical Roller Bearing,Thrust Roller Bearings,we provide all kinds of high quality imported bearing,such as skf,fag,nsk,timken,ina,ntn and so on.Today we talk about Qualities required used in FAG deep groove ball bearings.(Abstract) frictional compatibility Quality to prevent the formation of adhesion and boundary lubrication.Elements that can affect frictional compatibility of bearings:

Frictional compatibility

Quality to prevent the formation of adhesion and boundary lubrication when shaft and bush contact directly.Elements that can affect frictional compatibility of deep groove ball bearings:

(1) Difficulties to metallurgically make ancillary materials into alloy.
(2) affinity capacity between materials and lubricants.
(3) friction index of ancillary materialsl without lubrication.
(4) the microstructure of the materials.
(5) Thermal conductivity of the material.
(6) Properties of The surface energy and oxide film of the materials

2. Embeddedness

Ability for materials to allow external hard particles in grease to cut and bruise deep groove ball bearings.

As for metal materials,the lower the hardness or the flexibility is,the better embeddedness will be.While this rule doesn¡¯t work well for non-metal materials,such as carbon graphite which features low elastic modulus,bad embeddedness.Deep groove ball bearings usually adopt softer materials and hard material pieces to form friction area.Materials for bushings are soft usually..

3. Conformability

In process of the conformability between the shafts and bushes,minimizing production errors of shaft,bush,and concentricity,and reducing surface roughness parameters can make the contact even,and thereby reduce the friction and wear rate.

4. Frictional compliance

Quality for materials to make compensation to initially poor cooperation with the frictional surfaces by plastic deformation on the surface of materials.and shaft deflection.Low elastic modulus materials have better compliance.

5. Wear

Resistance of Ancillary materials to abrasion.Under the specified conditions of wear,the countdown of the wear rate or wear level represents the wear resistance.

6. fatigue resistance

Resistance to fatigue for materials with cyclic loading.Under the using temperature,strength,hardness,impact strength,fatigue resistance and material uniformity are very important to bushing materials.Materials with fine conformation and embededness usually feature poor fatigue resistance.

7. Corrosion resistance

Quality for Materials to resist corrosion.The lubricating oil will gradually oxidize in the atmosphere and produce acidic substances,and most lubricants also contain extreme pressure additives,which will corrode FAG bearing materials.Therefore,materials for self-aligning roller bearing need to be corrosion resistant.

8. gas corrosion resistance

In the state of the solid moving against the liquid,when the bubbles of the liquid in the vicinity of the solid surface rupture,partial or local temperature shock pressure will be produced to erode deep groove ball bearings.Resistance ability for materials to gas wear is called gas corrosion resistance.Typically,the copper lead alloy,tin-based FAG deep groove ballbearing zinc silicon alloy and aluminum alloy have been doing best in gas corrosion.

9. Anti-load capacity

Ability for bearings to withstand the load without being damaged or deformed.

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