Bothbest Bamboo Panels for Ceiling and Wall Decoration Now Available in Natural Color

China - Bothbest, a reputable manufacturer of bamboo products, especially bamboo flooring, now offers bamboo panels in natural color. The bamboo veneer that they produce is processed from laminated bamboo blocks that are tied together with water-proof and low-emission adhesive and furnace-dried bamboo strips straight from the groves in different parts of China.

The manufacturers first laminate the bamboo blocks, and then condition and soak the blocks at a stretch for two weeks. The last step in this manufacturing process involves slicing the blocks into bamboo veneer sheets, or panels as they are popularly called.

“Bamboo veneer is usually more difficult to manufacture than traditional hard wood veneers. Bamboo veneer is either backed with a fabric or paper fleece so that the product becomes more stable and stronger. Our bamboo veneers, now available in two different color variants, are ideal for interior designing applications such as furniture covering, ceiling beautification and furniture production”, said a production manager of Bothbest.

He also added at present, the bamboo veneer color buyers can avail is the natural color of bamboo veneer. He said that the bamboo veneers can be used for wall or furniture covering.

“Strand woven bamboo panels are a different type of veneer. Though the standard bamboo veneer is available in natural color, strand bamboo veneers are available in many different color options. We don’t stain the color on surface, but we stain the color inside the strips”, added the production manager who has been associated with Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co Ltd since 2001, when the company was born.

Bothbest bamboo panels are now available in 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm variants. Aside from that, the company also sells bamboo beams and bamboo lumbers. The company offers 25-year warranty on bamboo products manufactured for residential flooring and 10-year warranty for products manufactured specifically for commercial flooring. The company also delivers its products to Europe and North America.

The CEO and managing director of Bothbest said that they are now aiming to increase exports as they have already become a leader in the Chinese domestic market for bamboo panels. He said that they will offer attractive offers for overseas buyers in some days.

About the Company

Bothbest is a reputable bamboo products manufacturer.

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