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You have to keep in mind that whenever you purchase a large amount of the same item, you will be able to obtain a better price. Just get in touch with the members from Priority Industrial Supplies! You will not regret it! You might like the £29.99 SCAFWCHEE6 Cheetah Grey Red Safety Trainer UK 6 Euro 39. These extremely stylish and lightweight safety trainers are made out of grey suede leather with red flashing and a rubber sole. Being oil resistant and having an ultra-modern design, these safety trainers have 200 Joules toe protection, as well as a steel penetration-resistant middle sole. What you also need to know about this Personal Protective Equipment item is that it has an anti-static, impact absorbent sole, an air mesh lining and a PU/PU injection outsole. For more information about other work wear items or Engineering Supplies, feel free to go online, to! You will not regret it!

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