A Biblical Message of the Cross Church

The Message of the Cross Church takes a deeper look into what it means to truly be a biblical church.

Charleston, SC, March 17, 2014 -- The Message of the Cross Church, also known as the Church Purchased with His Blood, located in Charleston, SC, prides itself on delivering the original message of the cross. In being a church of the original message of the cross, the Message of the Cross Church understands that sanctification does not come from Christian disciplines such as fasting, prayer, Bible reading and church attendance. Though these acts can be beneficial, they attest that putting faith in them would constitute spiritual adultery because faith is to be places only in Christ, who made possible all of these means, to enhance ones relationship and faith in Christ. However, providing the original message is not all that sets this church apart.

The message of the cross is gradually becoming a commonly used biblical term. The Message of the Cross Church not only sets itself apart in preaching the original message, but it sets itself apart in presenting this gospel message with biblical truths. The Message of the Cross Church devotes itself to being a true biblical church, demonstrated by its faith to believe and receive with humility, and without controversy, certain benefits given while they are in practice. These benefits include intimate fellowship and communion with God, healing, freedom from bondages and addictions, the Holy Spirit regeneration, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues (giving believers power for service unto God), and more. This was all made possible because of Christ and his sacrificial atoning death on Mont Calvary.

History recalls numerous noteworthy preachers of the cross in the 17th and 18th centuries, such as Jonathan Edwards. One of his most memorable messages, as mentioned by the Message of the Cross Church, described sinners in the hands of an angry God. The reactions from Edwards’ congregation demonstrated the power of conviction—many who were not believers began to hold onto the pews for fear of falling into Hades. Such conviction occurs only through the power of the Holy Spirit, when the biblical message of the cross is proclaimed without the wisdom of man.

Charles Finney, and other preachers during that time period, claimed God would only make moves to save sinners if the Gospel was presented biblically and without the intellectual wisdom and nuances of men. Comparatively, the Message of the Cross Church stated God would only sanctify believers if they receive the benefits of the cross in faith and with an unwavering trust. The Message of the Cross Church understands these past preachers were limited in what they knew at the time—the modernity of today has brought increased levels of knowledge and wisdom as the bible validates in the book of Daniel.

As such, the Message of the Cross Church delivers something unique to the field, namely, an awareness of what it means to be a truly biblical Message of the Cross Church. Though its name is a commonly used term, the church sets out to provide the best through unfaltering faith and humble minds.

Bishop Amos Elliott
Message of the Cross Church
Charleston, SC
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