StressGods announce "December Stress" music visual, upcoming releases

Hip hop collective teams with music producer Key Wane for latest release

Los Angeles, CA - April 5, 2016 -- Hip hop trio StressGods have announced the release of their new music visual for their popular hit single, "December Stress." Produced by the highly sought-after music producer and songwriter Key Wane, the alternative hip hop record channels a carefree, laid-back hippy vibe.

Featuring members, Mo’haze and Steve Ricks, "December Stress" is themed around an intoxicated loner - who is relying on his conscience - tries his best to function but ultimately finds his drunken stupor to be a bit much as he stumbles about the dark city streets.

To check out the official visual for "December Stress" on Youtube visit You can also hear the track at

In a recent article in Pigeons and Planes, StressGods was mentioned on the entertainment website’s Music Recommendations Based On The Artists You Already Like section. StressGods also explained, "‘December Stress’ is a painting of the glamorous life, the models, the drugs, the love, and the depression that all the finer things bring. Champagne for the pain—celebrating the suffer."

"December Stress" is the first single to be released from the trio’s forthcoming album, "GODSPEED" - which is slated to debut on May 2nd. StressGods are also planning to premiere three additional singles from the project in the coming weeks including, "Night," "On The Road," and "How We Do" featuring the legendary Mr. Cheeks.

About StressGods

Formed in 2013, StressGods are kids stemming from New York and Atlanta who create high production, unclassified sound to help people with stress whether it be good or bad. They enjoy living a lavishly highspeed, out of control lifestyle fueled by women, champagne, music & creating a culture.