Advance Capital Investment Now Offers Highly Advanced Commercial Transactions Throughout The US


Advance Capital Investment is a well known licensed company in US. The main objective of the company is to provide small to mid-balance commercial transactions in all over the country. The company employs their non-banking cohorts aimed at the Owner Occupied Investment Projects that seek for commercial loans. The company primarily emphasizes on the transaction of up to 25 million dollars however in case of even larger loan, it is studied on an instance by instance basis.

The different programs offered by Advance Capital Investment are commercial loans, SBA 504 loans, SBA 74 loans, hard money lender and the CMBS loan etc. Their services are available nationwide along with flexible transaction modes like debit, credit. Business type and location are two of the major priorities of the company.

The experts of Advance Capital Investment offer a highly flexible SBA 504 loans facility. Such loans are mainly given for the financing and the purchasing of fixed assets. The amount of the SBA 504 loans is minimum 350000 dollars and maximum 25MM dollars for the 1st TD and for the 2nd TD interim loan it is 5MM dollars. The maximum edifice per loan is 1.5MM dollars. The term is 25 years for 1st interim and 20 years for the 2nd interim. Such loans are mainly provided to owners having hotels, restaurants, Medicare office, warehouses, retail gas stations etc. the closing time is 45 to 60 days and for the guarantee a personal source is a must.

They also facilitate private money that is mainly of short terms. This is designed in a way that fits all needs of the customer. Private money focuses on the immediate fulfillment of the requirements. It is flexible, first closing one can avail up to 2, 0000000 dollars. The loan is mainly given to the trust LIC companies etc.

Apart from the above two, the company also provides commercial loan and commercial mortgages as well.  It’s been a long time Advance Capital investment is financing all sort of business and thus contributes a huge amount in the business growth of the nation. It is their honesty and reliability that make even the first customer a loyal customer. It has services for all businesses irrespective sizes and tries best to help an entity to flourish. It provides handsome amount and for instant finance undoubtedly the best place to be.  Rachel Thorpe, a regular customer of the company says, “Advantage Capital Investment offered me the best quality services in the business. I am utterly thankful to them.”

Advance Capital Investment is an institution that is providing the commercial transaction all over US and has a great contribution in the nation’s growth.  To know more please visit

Advance Capital Investment