Jackson Kayak’s 'Kayak Finder' Helps Shoppers Choose Best Boat

Sophisticated back-end and easy user interface helps consumers dial in the right boat

Rock Island, TN - Jackson Kayak has created a tool to make it easier for consumer to decide the type and and model kayak that’s best for their needs.

The choice of kayaks can be daunting, especially for newcomers to the sport so Jackson Kayak, the leader in family-friendly kayak design, manufacturing and sales has created an amazing tool called simply called the Kayak Finder.

The Kayak Finder is a robust data-mining tool that considers four parameters the buyer self-selects to determine which boats to recommend for purchase. Jackson said the tool will be updated each time new models hit the marketplace.  

“The Kayak Finder doesn’t take the place of knowledgeable retail floor staff but it does help the consumer feel better informed before they start demo-ing and shopping,” said Jackson Kayak founder and president Eric Jackson. “The Kayak Finder takes the intimidation factor out of shopping for kayaks when there are so many from which to choose.”

The Kayak Finder can be found live online to the left of the boat lineup on the Jackson Kayak “Products” tab

When using the Kayak Finder, the first question consumers are asked is what type of kayaking they intend to do: Fishing and hunting, kids and youth kayaks, recreational and touring, standup paddling, or whitewater.

Next the user checks the paddling environment they prefer from a choice whitewater environments like creek boating, river running, expedition, freestyle and river running/play to hunting and fishing choices such as expedition, open water/lake, river fishing, saltwater on- or offshore and small lakes/ponds.

The consumer also chooses their preferred performance and comfort features. For whitewater boats the choices include big air, foot room, speed, creek manueverability and vertical ends. Hunting/fishing boaters can choose from sit inside, sit on top, maueverability, speed, stability, standability and tracking. 

For example, choosing fishing & hunting, saltwater inshore and standability, the kayak finder recommends the Cuda 12 or 14.  Change the “environment” to river fishing and the finder updates and recommends the Coosa or Kilroy.

The same is true in whitewater where checking whitewater, creek boating, foot room, 150 pounds and size 43 (inseam 34 + shoe size 9) recommends the Karma first then the Hero, Karma Unlimited and Zen. For whitewater boaters only, the tool considers the boater’s weight in pounds and size which is the sum of inseam length and footsize. The Kayak Finder does not consider size and weight for kayak anglers or standup paddlers.

About Jackson Kayak. Founded in 2003 by Whitewater Hall of Famer Eric Jackson, family-owned and American-made, Jackson Kayak is the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of whitewater kayaks and kayak fishing boats as well as expedition touring kayaks. For complete information about the company’s products and lifestyle, visit the Jackson Kayak website.