Women Who Code Broadens Global Reach With Networks In Mexico City and Algiers

Women Who Code Broadens Global Reach With Networks In Mexico City and Algiers

The International Women’s Advocacy Group Now Has a Presence On 5 Continents and a Membership Exceeding 30,000 Women

SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 27, 2015Women Who Code (WWCode), an international 501c3 organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers, recently announced the launch of two new networks. The first, located in al Jaza’ir Algeria, marks the first time that the nonprofit has extended its reach to the continent of Africa. The second, located in Mexico City, joins its sister networks in Colima, and Merida, making it the third WWCode group to form in that nation.

These two new networks are a sign of the rapid growth that Women Who Code has seen in recent months, with a membership which has grown to over 30,000 women spanning 53 cities and 18 countries around the world. When asked about the launches, Alaina Percival, CEO and Board Chair of WWCode said, “We are proud of the strong response that we’ve gotten from the international community. This just goes to show that there are talented women everywhere with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to excel in technology careers.”

The al Jaza’ir network is being led by Directors Fatima Djoujou, and Racha Bella. When asked about her decision to take a leadership role in this emerging group Bella said, “It is important to give women the same chance as men and I am excited I will have the chance to build a strong network where women can collaborate with each other.” The network’s inaugural event was a hackathon that took place on February 14th, at the local National Higher School Of Computer Science (ESI).

The network in Mexico City has already experienced an influx of enthusiastic members, with 387 women joining the group since its inception. This branch of WWCode is being led by Directors Dayra Chiu and Marcela Lango, who have expressed their excitement at the potential good that they could do for the women of the city. In a statement about her goals Chiu said, “I’m trying to have a positive impact on the community and build something that could help people and make their lives easier.” Her partner Lango added, “WWCode changes the way people see the world by promoting gender equality, and helping women to reach their full professional potential.”

About Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. The organization provides an avenue into tech, empowers women with skills needed for professional advancement, and creates environments where networking and mentorship are valued. To date, WWCode has produced more than 1,200 free technical events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 30,000, and has a presence in 18 countries.

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