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09 April, 2014: People often discuss about Ten Commandments of Bible and have little idea about the seven old commandments that were actually discovered thousands years ago before the Ten Commandments. The new website maintains that thousands of people already follow these seven commandments and they are well-aware of its importance. According to the President/Founder of the website, George C Simeon Snr, G-d wants people to follow these original Seven Commandments of Bible, and even the US Congress today recognizes their importance. 

The Seven Bible Commandments include six commandments given to Adam and one commandment given to Noah. The Ten Commandments are overlapping in nature and the seven original commandments reveal all the message and blessings that the God has for the mankind living on the planet. According to George, “It was the result of the failure of the mankind to observe those seven basic laws that the human civilization faced the Great Flood where Noah emerged as the Great Survivor. Now, we have given another chance to follow those seven original commandments and safeguard the world from any imminent destruction.” 

According to him, it is high time that we value the New Understanding of Old Bible Commandments. He maintains that people who accept those 7 commandments and carefully observe them will be considered the righteous people by the G-d. Even the world faces another destruction in future those righteous people will find their place in the new world. This is the reason why one should understand the importance of these basic laws and should observe them. 

The objective of the website is to create a broader level of awareness about the seven basic laws that are at the core of the God’s mandate. Even U.S. President George Bush signed into law a congressional resolution on the Seven Laws on March 26, 1991. This further helps understand the growing significance of the seven old commandments and why one must observe them. The website enumerates all the seven commandments for people to know about and follow them in their lives. To learn about these commandments and their importance, one may visit the website 


The website has been created to create awareness about the seven old Bible Commandments and their importance in people’s lives. The website reveals the commandments and enlists them for people to observe and enjoy God’s blessings. George C Simeon Snr is the President/Founder of the website who aims at reaching a wider audience base with the knowledge and information about the seven basic laws of life. 

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