Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet online is ordinary in appearance but extraordinary in performance

A common helmet with endless creative possibilities will definitely arouse attention. Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, as the new arrival after it finish to expand the production line, maybe looks like no too much difference with common helmet, but it has many functions that are beyond your imagination.

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For traditional helmet, perhaps the head protection function is the most important part, while for C5 smart helmet, the big part lies in the deep integration of video and Internet. The camera with 2K high definition resolution ratio mounted in the front of C5 helmet heads up display can capture dynamic scenes or continuously record everything happened during moving.

In virtue of the Bluetooth function, C5 Bluetooth helmet heads up display is endowed with the ability of handling more tasks. The humanized demands of accompanying music and picking up phone calls are finely satisfied in this cool helmet. What’s more, the wind-proof and noise-reduction detail makes the relative functions to avoid interruption that comes from surroundings so it won’t disturb users to make judges if emergency cases happen.

The interest thing is that users can share the wonderful moment with their friends through the inside Wi-Fi modular equipped in C5 cool street bike helmet. Or they can add the photos or videos into those hot social media apps for allowing more viewers to have a chance to feel it. Besides, the one integration design and ventilation system is also fully presented.

After long-term exploration and unremitting efforts, Airwheel has gone to a higher level in terms of research and development. This time, Airwheel C5 has got a head start and ushers the future trend of the development of this industry. Now Airwheel will continue to make each step perfect and strives to produce more and more humanized gadgets for ease of people’s daily commuting.

So do not look down upon Airwheel C5, it has an extraordinary performance even though it is similar to common helmets in appearance.

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